The Dalton Highway: A Multi-Media History of Alaska's Arctic Road

Robin Mills Collection

From 1902 until 1906, after gold was discovered on the Middle Fork of the Koyukuk River, Coldfoot was the center of the northernmost gold mining activity in the United States. The town was deserted shortly thereafter, due to a strike about 15 miles north near Wiseman. Coldfoot has seen a revival since the 1974 construction of the Haul Road and the TAPS. Robin Mills, Bureau of Land Management archeologist, has conducted reconnaisance archeological surveys of the remaining structures at Coldfoot.
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Feature 4, cabin foundation at Coldfoot site
Unexcavated cabin foundation at Coldfoot site
Feature 4, stripped of vegetation
Cabin foundation stripped of vegetation in preparation for excavation
Feature 4, excavation
Excavating cabin foundation at Coldfoot
Feature 4, after excavation
Cabin foundation after excavation
Feature 5, collapsed cabin at Coldfoot site
Field students excavating old cabin at Coldfoot site
Feature 14, Coldfoot site
Doing archeology
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