The Dalton Highway: A Multi-Media History of Alaska's Arctic Road


The Dalton Highway Project Jukebox presents oral history interviews as part of the historic record of the Dalton Highway. The interviews reflect the attitudes, perspectives, and beliefs of the people interviewed. The original audio recordings are available at the UAF Rasmuson Library Oral History Program, (907) 474-6773. When requesting copies, please provide the H-number listed on the interview page, as that is the recording's catalog number in our collection.

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Archeology interviews
John Cook * Sue Will * Robin Mills * Mike Kunz
Community interviews
Communites: Coldfoot / Wiseman
Jack Reakoff * Heidi Schoppenhorst * Robin Mills
Survey / Construction Crew interviews
Survey / Construction Crew
Oliver Backlund * Harold Tilleson
Engineer / Design Team interviews
Engineer / Design Team
Bruce Campbell * Dennis Nottingham * James Rooney
Public Officials Interview
Public Officials
Earl Finkler * Hesden Scougal * Woody Johansen
Toolik Arctic Research Center interviews
Tourism interviews
Brett Carlson * Heidi Schoppenhorst
Truckers interviews
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