The Dalton Highway: A Multi-Media History of Alaska's Arctic Road

Documents and Maps

Documents selected for this project reflect the continuing historical context in which those events have evolved to the present.

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State of Alaska Dept of Highways letter
State of Alaska Department of Highways, (1969)
Letter expressing appreciation to the crew who built the winter ice road (Hickel Highway) from Livengood to Sagwon

courtesy of Oliver Backlund
Alaska State Legislature Senate Concurrent Resolution 30
Alaska State Legislature
Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 30

Resolution relating to the crew who constructed the Hickel Highway, from Livengood to Sagwon.

courtesy of Oliver Backlund
Coldfoot History
Coldfoot: Past & Present
A brief history of Coldfoot and the Coldfoot Truck Stop & Cafe

courtesy of Brett Carlson, Northern Alaska Tour Company
Coldfoot & Wiseman Map
Coldfoot & Wiseman Map
View maps of Coldfoot and Wiseman.

courtesy of Bureau of Land Management, Fairbanks District Office
US Dept of Interior letter supporting highway modification
United States Department of the Interior (1969)
Letter supporting the proposed modification for the construction of a secondary highway from Livengood to the Yukon River (first section of the Haul Road).

courtesy of Hesden Scougal
History of Deadhorse
Deadhorse: a brief history of how Deadhorse got its name
Story written by Bruce Campbell that relates to the chain of events that lead to the naming of Deadhorse.

courtesy of Bruce Campbell
Wiseman History
The Wiseman Historical District: A report on cultural resources
Prepared by Susan M. Will and Pamela K. Hotch
Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Fairbanks District Office (23 pages of the study is included)

courtesy of Susan Will
Dalton Highway Map
Dalton Highway Map
Map of the Dalton Highway.

courtesy of Bureau of Land Management, Fairbanks District Office
USGS map of the hickel highway route
pipeline archeology book
Pipeline Archeology, Volume 1, Edited by John Cook. University of Alaska, Institute of Arctic Biology, 1977.
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