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Aahahaaŋaaq. Loon, Hannah (author) Norton, Laura R. (author) Inupiaq;
Aglaksuġaġviich. Sun, Susie A. (author) Inupiaq;
AimmapialiniaInupiałiq. Sun, Susie A. (author) Inupiaq;
Akutchiłiq. Cleveland, Merna (author) Inupiaq;
Atuugaurat Pope, Mary L. (transcriber) Pulu, Tupou L. (transcriber) Inupiaq;
Atuutit Mumiksat Zibell, Wilfried (editor)
Atuutit Mumiksat Zibell, Wilfried (editor)
Iḷiññiaqpaaluktuni. Boffa, J. Leslie (author) Sun, Susie A. (author) Inupiaq;
Ittukpalliułiq. Cleveland, Merna (author) Inupiaq;
Suraksraitchuvich Savaaksrat. Sun, Susie A. (author) Inupiaq;
Timimun Mamirrutit. Loon, Hannah (transcriber) Ramoth, Ruthie (transcriber) Towarak, Nita Sheldon (transcriber) Inupiaq;
Tiŋmiirat, Qaluich, Aŋŋutillu. Loon, Hannah (author) Inupiaq;
Uqałhich. MacLean, Edna Ahgeak (author) Newlin, Angeline (author) Pungalik, Violet (author) Inupiaq;
A comparative manual of affixes for the Inuit dialects of Greenland, Canada, and Alaska. Fortescue, Michael D. (author) Comparative Eskimo-Aleut;
Alaskan Eskimo Songs and Stories. Koranda, Lorraine Donoghue (author) Comparative Eskimo-Aleut;
Alaskan Innuit vocabularies. Nelson, Edward William (author) Comparative Eskimo-Aleut;
Birds of Anaktuvuk Pass, Kobuk, and Old Crow; a study in arctic adaptation. Irving, Laurence (author) Kay, Joe (author) Gwich'in;
Collis -- linguistic terms in Kobuk Eskimo Inupiaq;
Don Foote -- notes Inupiaq;
Early accounts -- Joseph Grinnell Inupiaq;
Educational texts -- Kobuk stories Inupiaq;
Educational texts -- Kobuk stories Inupiaq;
Eskimo Legends. Oman, Lela Kiana (author) Inupiaq;
Ethnogenesis of Kuuvaum Kanjiagmiut. Inupiaq;
Field Notebooks Nagai, Tadataka (author) Inupiaq;