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Title Author Publishedsort ascending
Kotzebue Basin (Part 2 of 3) 1981
Kotzebue basin (Part 1 of 3) 1981
Final report, sanitation facilities construction, city of Kobuk, Alaska Bonnell, Ray. 1981
Kobuk Inupiaq literacy manual Kaplan, Lawrence D. 1980
Kobuk Inupiaq Literacy Manual Kaplan, Larry 1980
A mineral appraisal of the areas traversed by the Kobuk, Killik, Alatna and John Rivers and the North Fork of the Koyukuk River, Brooks Range, Alaska : a summary report United States. Bureau of Mines. Alaska Field Operations Center. 1979
Atuugaurat Pulu, Tupou L. 1979
Kaniqsisautit uqayusrag̊nikun = Kobuk Iñupiat junior dictionary Sun, Susan. 1979
Bibliography and index of information on the NANA region Hale, Lynne Zeitlin. 1979
Alaska's Native people, Part 2 of 4 1979
Mineral appraisal of the proposed Kobuk Valley National Park, Alaska : a preliminary comment United States. Bureau of Mines. 1978
Kuuvan̳miit subsistence : traditional Eskimo life in the latter twentieth century Anderson, Douglas D. 1977
Eskimos of Northwest Alaska in the early nineteenth century : based on the Beechey and Belcher Collections and records compiled during the voyage of H.M.S. Blossom to Northwest Alaska in 1826 and 1827 Bockstoce, John R. 1977
The Eskimos and Aleuts Dumond, Don E., 1929- 1977
The Far North : 2000 years of American Eskimo and Indian art Collins, Henry B. (Henry Bascom), 1899-1987. 1977
The Eskimos and Aleuts Dumond, Don E., 1929- 1977
Vegetational and floristic analysis and discussion of the quaternary environment of the Kobuk Valley : report Racine, Charles H. 1977
Wilderness proposals: which way for Alaska's lands? Pt. 1 of 2 1977
Sumik tusraavich? Pope, Mary L. 1976
Timimun mamirrutit 1976
Saqik Pope, Mary L. 1976
Biological survey of the proposed Kobuk Valley National Monument Melchior, Herbert R. 1976
Sisamat angngutit unipchaat kuuvangmiñ Jackson, Jennie. 1976
Suva una? Maclean, Edna A. 1976
Uqałhich Maclean, Edna A. 1976


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