Hughes & Huslia: Language Materials

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Aunt Bessie and Uncle Chief tell about when they first got married. Henry, Bessie (author) Henry, Chief (author) Jones, Eliza (author) Koyukon;
Curriculum: Eliza Jones' Students Pitka, Harry (author) Vent, Dorothy (author) Jones, Eliza (author) Williams, Susie (author) Stickman, Paulina (author) Bartlet, D.A. (author) Koyukon;
Eagle Story by Bessie Henry and Angeline Derendoff Henry, Bessie (speaker) Derendoff, Angeline (speaker) Koyukon;
Ginee ason_ k_'aadi eent'aa? Jones, Eliza (author) Sam, Eleanor (author) Vent, Elberta (author) Koyukon;
Henry Beatus, Sr.: Hughes: A Biography Beatus, Henry (author) Koyukon;
Huslia, Hughes, Allakaket Texts Durendoff, Angeline (author) Attla, Eliza (author) Williams, Susie (author) Moses, Johnson (author) Williams, Lavine (author) Beetus, Little (author) Huntington, Sidney (author) Bergman, Caroline (author) Williams, Joe (author) Schafer, Velma (author) Williams, Janie (author) Ambrose, Alice (author) Simon, Velma (author) Clark, Annette (author) Clark, Donald (author) Moses, John (author) Wilson, Madeline (author) Williams, Jennie (author) Arundale, Wendy (author) Jones, Eliza (author) Moses, Henry (author) McPherson, Karen (author) Koyukon;
Huslia: Huslia Texts Henry, Bessie (author) Arundale, Wendy (author) Henry, Matthew (author) Attla, Catherine (author) Henry, Chief (author) Jones, Eliza (author) Koyukon;
Huslia: Huslia Texts Henry, Chief (author) Carlo, Poldine (author) Jones, Eliza (author) Koyukon;
Huslia: Huslia Texts Attla, Eliza (author) Jones, Eliza (author) Arundale, Wendy (author) Sam, Sophie (author) Carlo, Poldine (author) Koyukon;
Huslia: Huslia Texts, Drafts of Bakk'aatugh Ts'uhuniy Attla, Catherine (author) Jones, Eliza (author) Thompson, Chad L. (author) Olin, Francis (author) Koyukon;
Huslia: Huslia Texts, Drafts of K'etetaalkkaanee Attla, Catherine (author) Jones, Eliza (author) Ruppert, James (author) Koyukon;
Huslia: Huslia Texts, Drafts of Sitsiy Yogh Noholnik Ts'in' Attla, Catherine (author) Nelson, Richard K. (author) Jones, Eliza (author) Koyukon;
Huslia: Writings by Eliza Jones Jones, Eliza (author) Henry, David C. (author) Leer, Jeff (author) Solomon, Madeline (author) Jones, Cora (author) Jetté, Jules (author) Koyukon;
Indian Christmas Hymns Moore, Agnes (singer) Koyukon;
Middle Koyukuk River of Alaska : an atlas of fishing places and traditional place names Koyukon;
Native Language Survey, Yukon-Koyukuk School District Paskvan, Susan (compiler) Koyukon;
Place Names: Kaiyuh, Innoko, Kaltag Portage, Tanana Brush, Charlie (author) Jones, Eliza (author) Mountain, Simeon (author) Mountain, Josephine (author) Silas Jr., Dennis (author) Nelson, Richard K. (author) Attla, Catherine (author) Stickman, Bruce (author) Jetté, Jules (author) Derendoff, Goltsek Dilink (author) Yenokardar, Paul (author) Seliminka, Claude (author) Titus, Henry (author) Charlie, Eli (author) Koyukon;
Place Names: Place Names, 1916 Census of Koyukon Area, Geography Terms Jones, Eliza (author) Attla, Catherine (author) Solomon, Madeline (author) Noyes, Irene (author) Moses, Johnson (author) Koyukon;
Place Names: Place Names, Doyon Historic Sites Project Jones, Eliza (author) Moses, Johnson (author) Villa, Theresa (author) Lynch, Alice J. (author) Williams, Henry (author) Williams, Lavine (author) Simon, Lee (author) Arundale, Wendy (author) Adams, Jeffrey (author) George, Kilbourn (author) Roberts, Dave (author) Joseph, Lawrence (author) Alexander, Clarence (author) Henry, Chief (author) Allen, Henry T. (author) Whymper, Frederick (author) John, Leonard (author) Jetté, Jules (author) Andrews, Elizabeth F. (author) Attla, Catherine (author) Attla, Steven (author) Nelson, Edward William (author) Solomon, Madeline (author) Axelrod, Melissa (author) Koyukon;
Saan_ Gaag_a, Ghonoyee, Look'a Yiil. Jones, Eliza (author) Sam, Eleanor (author) Vent, Elberta (author) Koyukon;
Texts: Translations by Eliza Jones and Others Jones, Eliza (author) Koyukon;
[Bilingual Schools 1973-1974; Various Yup'ik Bilingual Education materials] Reed, E. Irene (compiler) Yup'ik, Central Alaskan;
[Catherine Attla, Huslia] Jones, Eliza (interviewer) Attla, Catherine (speaker) Koyukon;
[Excerpts from] Handbook of North American Indians, Volume 5, Arctic. Damas, David (author) Comparative Eskimo-Aleut;
[Henry William, Place Names] Lynch, Alice J. (interviewer) Villa, Theresa (interviewer) William, Henry (speaker) Koyukon;