Bettles/Evansville: Oral Histories

Results below are from the Library Catalog at University of Alaska Fairbanks. You can sort by clicking on the column header.

Title Author Published
Aliy Zirkle and Allen Moore are interviewed by Robert Drozda and Bill Schneider on May 21, 2011 in Two Rivers, Alaska [videorecording] Zirkle, Aliy. 2011
Ann Edwards and Elma Sam are interviewed by Wendy Arundale on November 21, 1992 [sound recording] Edwards, Ann. 1992
Art and Dee Mortvedt are interviewed by William Schneider in Fairbanks, Alaska on December 4, 2002 [sound recording] Mortvedt, Art. 2002
Ben Falls is interviewed by Mike Dalton, Carl Parker, Alaska Linck and Jack Linck in Livengood, Alaska on July 12, 1973 [sound recording] Falls, Ben. 1973
Bertha Moses is interviewed by Wendy Arundale on May 12, 1993 [sound recording] Moses, Bertha 1930- 1993
Bessie Henry is interviewed by Wendy Arundale, A.J. Lynch, and Alfred Starr with Catherine Attla translating on November 10-11, 1982 in Huslia, Alaska [sound recording] Henry, Bessie. 1982
Betty Johnson is interviewed by Karen Brewster and Debbie Turner in Anchorage, Alaska on January 13, 2002 [sound recording] Johnson, Betty. 2002
Bill and Lill Fickus are interviewed by Dan O'Neill and Steve Ulvi on September 26, 1994 [sound recording] O'Neil, Dan, 1994
Bill and Shirley English are interviewed by Dave Krupa on August 4, 1992 [sound recording] English, William D., Jr. 1923- 1992
Bill Brown is interviewed by David Krupa on October 22, 1992 [sound recording] Brown, William E. 1992
Bill Patton is interviewed by Karen Brewster in Menlo Park, California on September 22, 2004 [sound recording] Patton, Bill, 1923- 2004
Bob Ahgook talks with Marla Statscewich in Anaktuvuk Pass, AK on October 25, 2005. [sound recording] Ahgook, Bob. 2005
Bob Jones is interviewed by Jim Cassady in Fairbanks, Alaska on January 12, 1967 [sound recording] Jones, Bob (Robert) 1967
Bruce Collins is interviewed by David Krupa on August 6, 1992 [sound recording] Collins, Bruce Neil, 1940- 1992
Bud Helmericks is interviewed by Karen Brewster and Dave Krupa in Fairbanks, Alaska on October 24, 2003 [sound recording] Helmricks, Bud. 2003
Chief Henry is interviewed by Poldine Carlo on April 4, 1973 in Huslia, Alaska [sound recording] Henry, Chief.
Chuck West is interviewed by Ronald Inouye on February 4, 1985 in Seattle, Washington [sound recording] West, Charles B., 1914- 1985
Dave Schmitz is interviewed by William Schneider on October 9, 1992 [sound recording] Schmitz, David. 1992
Dick Ring and Suzanne Stutzman are interviewed by William Schneider and Dan O'Neill on October 9, 1991 in Vail, Colorado [sound recording] Ring, Richard G., 1947- . 1991
Don Clark is interviewed by Neville Jacobs in Nenana, Alaska in 1971 [sound recording] Clark, Don. 1971
Dora Hugo is interviewed by Margaret Blackman and Ed Hall with Lela Ahgook translating on July 30- August 16, 1989 in Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska [sound recording] Hugo, Dora Tugli, 1921-2003. 1989
Effie and William William are interviewed by Wendy Arundale on November 20, 1992 [sound recording] William, Effie Ned, 1919- 1992
Elaine Meader-McCausland is interviewed by Karen Brewster in Cazadero, California on January 4, 2003 [sound recording] Meader-McCausland, Elaine. 2003
Emitt Soldin is interviewed by Jeff Roberts on November 26, 1994 in Alaska [sound recording] Soldin, Emitt, 1924- 1994
Ethel Hall is interviewed by Roger McPherson in Fairbanks, Alaska on March 1, 2001 [sound recording] Hall, Ethel L. 2001


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