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ANLA LogoThe Alaska Native Language Center was established by state legislation in 1972 as a center for research and documentation of the twenty Native languages of Alaska. It is internationally known and recognized as the major center in the United States for the study of Eskimo and Northern Athabascan languages.

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Audio reel #5, tape #110 Golley, Nadesta (author) Aleut (Unangan);
Place Names: Place Names, Doyon Historic Sites Project Jones, Eliza (author) Moses, Johnson (author) Villa, Theresa (author) Lynch, Alice J. (author) Williams, Henry (author) Williams, Lavine (author) Simon, Lee (author) Arundale, Wendy (author) Adams, Jeffrey (author) George, Kilbourn (author) Roberts, Dave (author) Joseph, Lawrence (author) Alexander, Clarence (author) Henry, Chief (author) Allen, Henry T. (author) Whymper, Frederick (author) John, Leonard (author) Jetté, Jules (author) Andrews, Elizabeth F. (author) Attla, Catherine (author) Attla, Steven (author) Nelson, Edward William (author) Solomon, Madeline (author) Axelrod, Melissa (author) Koyukon;