Anaktuvuk Pass: Journals

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Title Author Publishedsort ascending
Some physical and chemical characteristics of an Arctic beaded stream Oswood, Mark W., Ph.D. 1989
Seasonal geochemistry of an Arctic tundra drainage basin Everett, Kaye Ronald, 1934-1994. 1989
Hydrology of Imnavait Creek, an Arctic watershed Kane, Douglas L., Ph.D. 1989
Ecology of an arctic watershed: landscape processes and linkages (proceedings) Oechel, Walter C., 1989
Development and subsistence: life after oil Haynes, Terry, Ph.D. 1989
Merry ferry group 1988
IRS wants $577 million from ARCO for North Slope production 1988
Into the heart of the wilderness: a search for true solitude in Alaska's Brooks Range Leo, Richard. 1988
Nunamiut Eskimos welcome the return of pilot Sig Wien Joling, Dan. 1988
Going after North Slope module work 1988
Gas pipeline crosses major hurdle 1988
Traveler's update Cardozo, Yvette. 1988
How the Arctic National Wildlife refuge came to be Naske, Claus-M. 1988
Handful of gold in one chunk Malley, Chuck, Photographer. 1987
Wainwright ballplayer defeats series of injuries 1987
Search and rescue -- taking a step beyond duty 1987
Luther Leavitt: a lifetime upon the land and sea 1987
Big country, but not big enough 1987
Evening of high fashion; the big race 1987
Grizzly bears in northeastern Alaska Phillips, Michael K. 1987
Alaska oil production in perspective Logsdon, "Chuck" Charles E., Ph.D. 1987
Endicott study assesses impacts 1987
Evaluation of the stability of gas hydrates in northern Alaska Kamath, A. 1987
Treed by a musk-ox Jones, Robert D. 1987
Land exchange proposed for Anaktuvuk area Rogers, Randy R. 1987


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