Anaktuvuk Pass: Journals

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Title Author Publishedsort ascending
Trans-Alaska pipeline problems pose threat to state revenue 1990
Caribou populations continue to increase 1990
Journey across Alaska O'Harra, Doug. 1990
What I did this summer Stock, Marionette Donnell. 1990
Raven: the northern bird of paradox Schwan, Mark W. 1990
Anaktuvuk Pass bringing smiles and laughter 1990
Alaskans attack new wetlands agreement 1990
Arctic refuge river management planning process continues: workbook is out, moratorium lifted Landry, Larry. 1990
1991: A Call for sovereignty through unity Mallott, Byron I. 1990
Paleoecological significance of mummified remains of pleistocene horses from the North Slope of the Brooks Range, Alaska Guthrie, R. Dale (Russell Dale), 1936- 1990
Anaktuvuk Pass villagers welcome back old friend Smetzer, Mary Beth. 1990
Slope stability in arctic surface mines Sengupta, Mritunjoy, Ph.D. 1990
Winter foraging ecology of Dall sheep in the Brooks Range, Alaska Hansen, Michael C. 1990
Effect of nutrient and water additions on elemental mobility through small tundra watersheds Marion, Giles M. 1989
Some physical and chemical characteristics of an Arctic beaded stream Oswood, Mark W., Ph.D. 1989
Seasonal geochemistry of an Arctic tundra drainage basin Everett, Kaye Ronald, 1934-1994. 1989
Price of ANS crude continues downward trend 1989
Hydrology of Imnavait Creek, an Arctic watershed Kane, Douglas L., Ph.D. 1989
"Arctic Village" is one of the classics of Alaskana Hunt, "Bill" William R., Ph.D., 1989
Ecology of an arctic watershed: landscape processes and linkages (proceedings) Oechel, Walter C., 1989
Nelson predicts steady North Slope production, calls for stable taxes 1989
Development and subsistence: life after oil Haynes, Terry, Ph.D. 1989
Arctic trail blazers tough act to follow Dalton, "Mike" Kathleen. 1989
North Slope now Carter, Debbie, Reviewer. 1989
North Slope dinosaurs Bishop, Sam. 1989


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