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Title Author Publishedsort ascending
On the ARDOR beat 1992
On the ARDOR beat 1992
MAB NSN research activities -- international tundra experiment: Nordtex meeting in Copenhagen 1992
BP's North Slope contract prices decline 1992
Succession on an Alaskan tundra disturbance with and without assisted revegetation with grass Densmore, Roseann V. 1992
Summer 1991 cave search and exploration reports Metzler, Curvin. 1992
NPS releases Anaktuvuk land exchange EIS Blazer, Rex. 1992
Atomic Arctic 1992
North Slope crude oil prices at highest level in 17 months 1992
Elders 1992
Redistribution of calving caribou in response to oil field development on the Arctic slope of Alaska Cameron, Raymond D. 1992
North Slope crude prices increase for second straight month 1992
Historical goings-on from around the state Bowers, Peter, 1952-, 1992
Reviews section: Winter watch Cutting, Carla, 1992
Setting the stage for new look at taxes? Fineberg study: is the oil decline real? 1992
1991 Annual review -- Alaska 1992
Production 1992
BP drops North Slope crude prices by $2.70/bbl 1992
BLM surveyors help with three rescues during field season McPherson, Teresa. 1992
Emeric's excellent adventure Woodring, Jeannie. 1992
Cloud researchers need 20,000 square miles on north slope 1992
Brushing up on ANWR: expansive vistas and multi-hued geology make the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge an inspiration for artists Mollett, Nina Dee Schectman 1950-2006. 1992
Holiday on ice Willis, Barry, Dr. 1992
Eskimo dance 1991
Price of ANS crude continues to fall 1991


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