Anaktuvuk Pass: Journals

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Title Authorsort ascending Published
Far north niche Braund, Susan. 2003
Arctic science is benefitting from broad collaboration Brass, Garrett. 1998
Enhanced recovery increases oil yield Bradner, Tim.
Developable mineral reserves could surround Brooks Range Bradner, Tim. 1995
Alaska's oil patch is blessed with high-quality producing resevoirs, sophisticated technology Bradner, Tim. 2002
Could Alaska be left behind? Bradner, Tim. 1995
North Slope news isn't all bad Bradner, Tim. 1986
Historical goings-on from around the state Bowers, Peter, 1952-, 1992
Northern Land Use Research, Inc. (NLUR) news Bowers, Peter, 1952- 1998
Special report: Arctic treasure -- the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska Bovy, "Ed" Edward. 1989
Special report: Arctic treasure: the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska Bovy, "Ed" Edward. 1989
Year in review: job growth accelerates in 1994 Boucher, Joe. 1995
An ANWR float trip Bostian, Kelly. 1991
Wiseman; leaving the past behind Bostian, Kelly. 1990
Alaskan jade art Bolotin, Norm. 1978
NPS releases Anaktuvuk land exchange EIS Blazer, Rex. 1992
First, the caribou Blackman, Margaret B. 2004
North Slope dinosaurs Bishop, Sam. 1989
Rhineart Berg: a twentieth century pioneer, (Part II) Berg, "Rhiny" Rhinehard M., 1911-1998. 1998
Putting Alaska's size in perspective Benson, Carl S. 1998
Missing the caribou: surprises and disappointments along the Kongakut River Beaver, Marie. 1997
Solo hike: panic and solitude in the Brooks Range Beaver, Marie. 1997
Survival knowledge important to Arctic pilots Batden, Ed. 1956
Reviews Barr, William, 1940-, 2005
Mask making reflects history of Anaktuvuk Pass Barker, James H., 2005


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