Anaktuvuk Pass: Books

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Titlesort ascending Author Published
The central Brooks Range classification : a proposal United States. Bureau of Land Management. 1971
The Caribou Eskimos, material and social life and their cultural position Birket-Smith, Kaj, 1893-1977. 1929
The Brooks range : environmental watershed Alaska Geographic Society. 1977
The Brooks Range Alaska Geographic Society. 1996
The barite occurrence and stratigraphy of the Siksikpuk Formation in Atigun River Gorge, Brooks Range, Alaska Sellars, Barbara D. 1981
The analysis and description of an archaeological site (K-9) near Cathedral Mountain, Alaska and the site's relationship to the Kayuk Complex Fetter, Sharon. 1977
The Anaktuvuk mask and cultural innovation Atamian, Sarkis. 1988
The Alaska mineral resource assessment program : background information to accompany geologic and mineral-resource maps of the Killik River 1⁰x3⁰ Quadrangle, northern Alaska Kelley, K. D. 1995
Territoriality among ancient hunters : interpretations from ethnography and nature Campbell, John Martin, 1927- 1989
Terrible lizards Campbell, L. J. 1994
Terra incognito Wakeland, "Bill" William, 1922-2010. 1995
Tenderfoot tiptoes into the Brooks Range Rennick, Penny. 1996
Tectono-thermal evolution of the Brooks Range collisional orogen, Alaska : insights from a structural, metamorphic, and ⁴⁰Ar/³⁹Ar thermochronology study of the Arrigetch Peaks region Vogl, James J. 2000
Tannik school : the impact of education on the Eskimos of Anaktuvuk Pass Cline, Michael S. 1975
Systems approach for applying remote video technology and the internet to real time weather and runway condition reporting for aviation use : case study at rural airports in interior Alaska Buckingham, James Miller. 2000
Synoptic climatology of the eastern Brooks Range, Alaska : a data legacy of the international geophysical year March, Jennifer R. (Jennifer Ruth), 1982- 2009
Survey of cliff-nesting raptors, Dalton Highway Management Unit, Alaska, 1999-2002 Craig, Timothy H. 2003
Surficial geologic maps of the Sagavanirktok A-1, A-2, and B-2 quadrangles, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Waythomas, Christopher F. 1991
Surficial geologic map of the Sagavanirktok B-1 quadrangle, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Waythomas, Christopher F. 1991
Summary report on the geology and hydrocarbon potential of the foothills of the northwestern Delong Mountains, wesetern [i.e., western] Brooks Range, Alaska Mull, Charles G. 2000
Subsistence harvests and uses of wild resources by communities in the Eastern interior of Alaska, 2011 Holen, Davin L. 2012
Subsistence and the North Slope Inupiat : the effects of energy development Kruse, John A. 1982
Sturucture [i.e. structure] and stratigraphy of the Northeastern Okpilak Batholith and Jago River Area, Romanzof Mountains, Northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Pavia, Eugene A. 1986
Studies on the McCall Glacier, Brooks Range, Alaska Wendler, Gerd. 1970
Structure and thermochronology of the metamorphic core of the Brooks Range, Alaska Toro, Jaime. 1998


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