Anaktuvuk Pass: Books

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Title Author Publishedsort descending
Nunamiut: among Alaska's inland Eskimos Ingstad, Helge, 1899-2001. 1954
Arctic wilderness Marshall, Robert, 1901-1939. 1956
A new Upper Paleozoic formation, central Brooks Range, Alaska : type section of a new Upper Paleozoic formation Patton, William Wallace, 1923- 1957
The Paleozoic section in the Shainin Lake area, central Brooks Range, Alaska : type sections of four new formations of Paleozoic age Bowsher, Arthur Leroy, 1917- 1957
Blood groups of the Anaktuvuk Eskimos, Alaska Laughlin, William S., 1957
New tools for mapping in Arctic Alaska Fitzgerald, Gerald. 1957
A week on Lobo Murie, Margaret E. 1957
Preliminary report on sedimentary and metamorphic rocks in part of the Romanzof Mountains, Brooks Range, northeastern Alaska Sable, Edward G. 1959
The Eskimos Birket-Smith, Kaj, 1893-1977. 1959
Characteristics of surface and ground waters in selected villages of Alaska Arnow, G. M. 1960
Birds of Anaktuvuk Pass, Kobuk, and Old Crow; a study in Arctic adaptation Irving, Laurence, 1895-1979. 1960
Comparative study of the intellectual culture of the Nunamiut Eskimos at Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska Gubser, Nicholas J. 1961
Tuktu complex of Anaktuvuk Pass Campbell, John M. 1961
The Tuktu Complex of Anaktuvuk Pass Campbell, John Martin, 1927- 1961
Geology of Anaktuvuk Pass, central Brooks Range, Alaska Porter, Stephen C. 1962
Anaktuvuk prehistory : a study in environmental adaptation Campbell, John Martin, 1927- 1962
Soils of the northern Brooks Range, Alaska Brown, Jerry. 1962
Alaska aboriginal culture : special study United States. National Park Service. 1962
Prehistoric cultural relations between the Arctic and Temperate zones of North America Campbell, John Martin, 1927- 1962
The Netsi Kutchin : an essay in human ecology Hadleigh-West, Frederick, 1928- 1963
Biological investigations of the Baird and Schwatka Mountains, Brooks Range, Alaska, 1963 Dean, Frederick C. 1964
Early man in the Brooks Range : the Tuktu-Naiyuk sequence Shinkwin, Anne D. 1964
Geology of the Romanzof Mountains, Brooks Range, northeastern Alaska Sable, Edward G. (Edward George), 1924- 1965
Quaternary geology of the Mount Chamberlin area, Brooks Range, Alaska Holmes, George William, 1922- 1965
Context and meaning in cultural anthropology Spiro, Melford E. 1965


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