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Micropaleontology of 38 outcrop samples from the Chandler Lake, demarcation points, Mt. Michelson, Philip Smith Mountains, and Sagavanirktok Quadrangles, northeast Alaska Reifenstuhl, R. R. (Rocky R.) 1993
Preliminary bedrock geologic map of the Philip Smith Mountains C-4 quadrangle, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Reifenstuhl, R. R. (Rocky R.) 1993
Lateral facies changes in the carboniferous Lisburne Group along the Aichilik Transect, northeastern Alaska Eckstein, Mary K. 1993
Deformation styles along the eastern margin of Jago stock, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Peapples, Paige R. 1993
Climate, seasonal snow cover and permafrost temperatures in Alaska north of the Brooks Range Zhang, Tingjun. 1993
Stratigraphic variation across a middle Devonian to Mississippian rift-basin margin and implications for subsequent fold and thrust geometry, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Anderson, Arlene Verona, 1938- 1993
Transgressive sedimentation in rift-flank region : deposition of the Endicott group (early Carboniferous), northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska LePain, David L. 1993
Final report : community building sewer and water facilities, Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska Alaska. Village Safe Water Program. 1993
At Home in the wilderness Kaye, Roger, 1950 Dec. 31- 1993
Results of the 1992 U.S. Bureau of Mines Colville Mining District study Meyer, Mark P. 1993
Results of 110 apatite fission track analyses from the Brooks Range and North Slope of northern Alaska, completed in cooperation with the Trans-Alaska Crustal Transect (TACT) O'Sullivan, Paul B. 1993
Measured sections and preliminary lithofacies assemblage descriptions and interpretations from the Carboniferous Endicott group, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska LePain, David L. 1993
Structural development and kinematic history of ramp-footwall collapse in the Doonerak multiduplex, central Brooks Range, arctic Alaska Seidensticker, C. Michael. 1992
Chronologic variations along the contact between the Echooka Formation and the Lisburne Group in the northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Robinson, Mark S. 1992
Devonian-Mississippian terrigenous clastic and volcaniclastic rocks of the Ellesmerian sequence, upper Sheenjek River area, Eastern Brooks Range, Alaska : a preliminary report Anderson, Arlene Verona, 1938- 1992
Mangaqtaaq formation lacustrine(?) deposits in the Endicott Group headwaters of the Kongakut River, eastern Brooks Range, Alaska Anderson, Arlene Verona, 1938- 1992
Down-dip profile of a carbonate ramp : changing environments of the Wahoo Limestone : preliminary results Morgan, Susan K. 1992
Detachment folds above a passive-roof duplex : an example from the northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Wallace, Wesley Kent. 1992
Description of surficial geologic map units, Philip Smith Mountains C-3 and C-4 quadrangles Waythomas, Christopher F. 1992
The Wolverine Creek sequence : evidence for an allochthon below the Brooks Range allochthon, western Brooks Range, Alaska Young, Lorne E. 1992
Alaska's Brooks Range : the ultimate mountains Kauffmann, John M. 1992
A detachment fold-truncation duplex-- southwest Bathtub Ridge, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Homza, Thomas X. 1992
Conodont biostratigraphy and biofacies of the carboniferous Wahoo limestone, eastern Sadlerochit Mountains, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, northeast Brooks Range, Alaska Krumhardt, Andrea P. 1992
Lateral variation of range-front structures and structural evolution of the central Shublik Mountains and Ignek Valley, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Rogers, Jeffrey Allan. 1992
Far north living Pechek, "Stu" Stuart D., 1951- . 1992


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