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Title Author Publishedsort ascending
Immiu*gniq : winter sources of drinking water Partnow, Patricia H., 1949- 2003
The treeline ecotone in interior Alaska : from theory to planning and the ecology in between Wilmking, Martin. 2003
Sold American : the story of Alaska Natives and their land, 1867-1959 Mitchell, Donald, 1947 Nov. 29- 2003
A geometric analysis of thrust-truncated asymmetric folds, Upper Marsh Fork area, eastern Brooks Range, Alaska Jadamec, Margarete A. (Margarete Ann) 2003
The relationship between fracturing, asymmetric folding, and normal faulting in Lisburne Group carbonates : West Porcupine Lake Valley, Northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Shackleton, John Ryan. 2003
The natural dispersal of metals to the environment in the Wulik River-Ikalukrok Creek area, western Brooks Range, Alaska Geological Survey (U.S.) 2003
Holocene vegetational history of the central Arctic foothills, northern Alaska : pollen representation of tundra and edaphic controls on the response of tundra to climate change Oswald, William Wyatt. 2002
Alaska subsistence : a National Park Service management history Norris, Frank B. (Frank Blaine), 1950- 2002
Alpine plants of North America : an encyclopedia of mountain flowers from the Rockies to Alaska Nicholls, Graham. 2002
Structural and petrologic evolution of the southern Brooks Range near Wiseman, Alaska Gottschalk, Richard R. 2002
The wolves of Alaska : a fact-based saga Rearden, Jim. 2002
Natural fracturing in carbonate rocks as a function of lithology and structural position in a detachment fold : examples from the northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Brinton, Joseph S. (Joseph Scholes) 2002
Thrust-breakthrough of folds southwest of Galbraith Lake, central Brooks Range, Alaska Grischkowsky, Elizabeth A. 2002
Morphotectonic investigation of the Arctic Alaska terrane : implications to basement architecture, basin evolution, neotectonics and natural resource management Casavant, Robert Ronald. 2001
Mediated identity and negotiated tradition : the Iñupiaq atigi 1850-2000 Martin, Cydny. 2001
Biotic homogenization Lockwood, Julie L. 2001
Alaska : a climbing guide Wood, Michael, 1968- 2001
A geometric analysis of detachment folds in the northeastern Brooks range, Alaska, and a conceptual model for their kinematic evolution Atkinson, Paul Kirtley. 2001
Hill-Donnelly cross reference directory. Consumer and business guide for Fairbanks, Alaska and vicinity Hill-Donnelly Corporation. 2001
AFTA : defining the timing & magnitude of paleo-thermal episodes : seven outcrop samples from nothern Alaska, extract from Geotrack report #763 Geograck International. 2000
Reconstructing northern Alaska : crustal-scale evolution of the central Brooks Range Williams, Jonathan D. 2000
Tectono-thermal evolution of the Brooks Range collisional orogen, Alaska : insights from a structural, metamorphic, and ⁴⁰Ar/³⁹Ar thermochronology study of the Arrigetch Peaks region Vogl, James J. 2000
Geology and gold mineralization of the Nolan area in the Brooks Range, Alaska Eden, Karsten. 2000
Isokinetics in human performance Brown, Lee E., 1956- 2000
Systems approach for applying remote video technology and the internet to real time weather and runway condition reporting for aviation use : case study at rural airports in interior Alaska Buckingham, James Miller. 2000


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