Anaktuvuk Pass: Books

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In the country of the mind : an archæological study of the Pingok Island site Hall, Edwin S., 1939- 1985
A quantitative analysis of Nunamiut Eskimo settlement dynamics, 1898 to 1969 Amsden, Charles Wynn. 1985
Our Arctic year Staender, Vivian. 1985
Holocene glaciation of the central Brooks Range, Alaska Ellis, James M. 1985
Vegetation patterns at the tree limit ecotone in the upper Alatna River drainage of the central Brooks Range, Alaska Odasz, Ann Marie. 1985
Geologic and isotopic studies of the Lik deposit and the surrounding mineral district, DeLong Mountains, western Brooks Range, Alaska Forrest, Kimball. 1985
Arctic-alpine tundra ecosystems of the Arrigetch Creek Valley, central Brooks Range, Alaska Cooper, David J. 1985
Geology of the Cosmos Hills and its relationship to the Ruby Creek copper-cobalt deposit Hitzman, Murray Walter. 1985
The north Alaskan Eskimo intra-population variation for palmar dermatoglyphics Murad, Turhon A. (Turhon Allen), 1944- 1985
Geologic history of the Siksikpuk Formation on the Endicott Mountains and Picnic Creek allochthons, north central Brooks Range, Alaska Siok, Jerome P. 1985
Petrologic and geochemical characterization of the Red Dog and other base-metal sulfide and barite deposits in the DeLong Mountains, western Brooks Range, Alaska Lueck, Larry. 1985
Geomorphology of the Upper Kurupa River System, Brooks Range, Alaska Lamb, Beth. 1984
The relationship between Dall sheep and the Trans-Alaska pipeline in the northern Brooks Range Jakimchuk, R. D. 1984
Stratigraphic nomenclature for the upper Devonian and lower Mississippian(?) Kanayut conglomerate, Brooks Range, Alaska Nilsen, Tor Helge. 1984
Stratigraphy, age, depositional environments, and hydrocarbon source rock evaluation of the Otuk Formation, north-central Brooks Range, Alaska Bodnar, Dirk Allen. 1984
Our Arctic year Staender, Vivian. 1984
Holocene glaciation of the central Brooks Range, Alaska Ellis, James M. 1984
Maps of anomalous trace metals in rocks and stream-sediment pebbles of the Wiseman 1⁰ x 3⁰ quadrangle, Brooks Range, Alaska Cathrall, John B. 1984
Geomorphology of a glaciated Arctic valley system, Brooks Range, Alaska Lamb, Beth. 1983
Holocene glacier variations across the central Brooks Range, Alaska Haworth, Leah A. 1983
Genesis of gold deposits at the Little Squaw Mines, Chandalar Mining District, Alaska Ashworth, Kathryn King. 1983
Bibliography of geologic literature on the Killik River and Chandler Lake quadrangles and parts of neighboring quadrangles, north-central Brooks Range, Alaska Kelley, John Stewart. 1983
Stratigraphy, structure, and palinspastic synthesis of the western Brooks Range, northwestern Alaska Mayfield, Charles F. 1983
Background for planning : city of Anaktuvuk Pass North Slope Borough (Alaska) 1983
Geology of the northern contact area of Arrigetch Peaks pluton, Brooks Range, Alaska Adams, David D. 1983


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