Anaktuvuk Pass: Books

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Hyperboreal Kane, Joan. 2013
Habitat associations, distribution, and abundance of Smith's longspur (Calcarius pictus), an uncommon species of concern in the Brooks Range, Alaska Wild, Teri Corvus. 2013
Sedimentology and stratigraphy of the Nanushuk formation and related foreland basin deposits, central Brooks Range foothills, Alaska Shimer, Grant. 2013
Arctic citadel : a history of exploration in the Brooks Range region of Northern Alaska Allan, Chris, 2013
Mesozoic assembly of the North American Cordillera Hildebrand, R. S. (Robert S.) 2013
'A' is for Anaktuvuk : teacher to the Nunamiut Eskimos Gaede-Penner, Naomi. 2013
The effects of changes in climate and other environmental factors on permafrost evolution Jafarov, Elchin. 2013
An assessment of suspended sediment transport in Arctic Alaskan rivers Lamb, Erica K. 2013
White water blue : paddling and trekking Alaska's wild rivers Keim, Frank J., 1942- 2012
Atmospheric forcing of wave states in the southeast Chukchi Sea Francis, Oceana P. 2012
Subsistence harvests and uses of wild resources by communities in the Eastern interior of Alaska, 2011 Holen, Davin L. 2012
Industries lithiques à composante lamellaire par pression du Nord Pacifique de la fin du Pléistocène au début de l'Holocène : de la diffusion d'une technique en Extrême-Orient au peuplement initial du Nouveau Monde Gómez Coutouly, Yan Axel. 2011
'A' is for Alaska : teacher to the territory : the story of Anna Bortel Church Gaede-Penner, Naomi. 2011
Fishery management report for sport fisheries in the northwest/North Slope management area, 2009 Scanlon, Brendan P. 2011
Insights into deep structure and evolution of Alaska based on a decade of observations of shear wave splitting and mantle flow Bellesiles, Anna K. 2011
Character and controls of fold-and-thrust deformation from pre-orogenic to foreland basin deposits : an example from the Gilead creek region of the Northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Speeter, Garrett G. 2010
Characterization and fluid flow properties of frozen rock systems of Umiat Oil Field, Alaska Godabrelidze, Vasil. 2010
Ectomycorrhizal diversity of white spruce (Picea glauca) at treeline along a latitudinal gradient in Alaska Calhoun, Kendra L. 2010
Petrophysical property modeling of Umiat Field, a frozen oil reservoir Levi-Johnson, Obioma I. 2010
Geochemistry, sedimentology, and stratigraphy of the Lower Cretaceous pebble shale unit, northeastern Alaska Van der Kolk, Dolores A. 2010
Fracture evolution in a fold-and-thrust belt and the adjacent foreland basin : an example from the Northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Loveland, Andrea M. 2010
Depositional environments of the late Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) dinosaur-bearing Prince Creek Formation : Colville River region, North Slope, Alaska Flaig, Peter Paul. 2010
A review of the species status of the Angayukaksurak charr (Salvelinus anaktuvukensis) of northern Alaska : perspectives from molecular and morphological data Ayers, Scott David. 2010
Discovering Alaska's Interior : a historical geography of the 1885 Allen Expedition Vander Lugt, Russell W. 2010
Alaska journal Wyman, Jeffries, 1901-1995. 2010


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