Anaktuvuk Pass: Books

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Title Authorsort ascending Published
Catalog of bryophytes and lichens of the central Brooks Range, Alaska : a literature review Murray, Barbara M. 1974
A week on Lobo Murie, Margaret E. 1957
The north Alaskan Eskimo intra-population variation for palmar dermatoglyphics Murad, Turhon A. (Turhon Allen), 1944- 1985
An investigation into ⁴⁰Ar/³⁹Ar radiogenic dating and x-ray analysis of shales and clays from northern Alaska Munly, Walter Campbell. 2004
Hydrological and transport load characteristics of small Alpine watersheds, Central Brooks Range, Alaska Munich, Teresa Allene, 1963- 1989
Geology of the Cobblestone Creek-May Creek area, east-central Brooks Range foothills, Alaska Mull, Charles G. 2009
Generalized geologic map of the western Endicott Mountains, central Brooks Range, Alaska Mull, Charles G. 1994
Summary report on the geology and hydrocarbon potential of the foothills of the northwestern Delong Mountains, wesetern [i.e., western] Brooks Range, Alaska Mull, Charles G. 2000
Dalton Highway, Yukon River to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska : bedrock geology of the eastern Koyukuk basin, central Brooks Range, and eastcentral Arctic Slope Mull, Charles G. 1989
Stratigraphy and structural setting of the Picnic Creek allochthon, Killik River quadrangle, central Brooks Range, Alaska : a summary Mull, Charles G. 1986
Preliminary evaluation of the hydrocarbon source rock potential of the Tingmerkpuk sandstone (Neocomian) and related rocks, northwestern De Long Mountains, Brooks Range, Alaska Mull, Charles G. 1995
The Doonerak fenster, central Brooks Range, Alaska Mull, Charles G. 1986
The geological distribution of chert in the Brooks Range Mull, Charles G. 1995
Franklinian lithotectonic domains, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Mull, Charles G. 1991
Mystic Mountains Mull, "Gil" Charles Gilbert. 1996
History of Arctic slope oil exploration Mull, "Gil" Charles Gilbert. 1982
Down-dip profile of a carbonate ramp : changing environments of the Wahoo Limestone : preliminary results Morgan, Susan K. 1992
The last of the independents Morgan, Lael. 1972
Sold American : the story of Alaska Natives and their land, 1867-1959 Mitchell, Donald, 1947 Nov. 29- 2003
Sold American : the story of Alaska natives and their land, 1867-1959 : the army to statehood Mitchell, Donald Craig, 1947- 1997
Nameless valleys, shining mountains; the record of an expedition into the vanishing wilderness of Alaska's Brooks Range Milton, John P. 1970
Paleontologic data : Tingmerkpuk sandstone and related units, northwestern De Long Mountains, Brooks Range, Alaska Mickey, Michael B. 1995
Sedimentation and tectonics in alluvial basins Miall, Andrew D. 1981
Results of the 1992 U.S. Bureau of Mines Colville Mining District study Meyer, Mark P. 1993
This is the story about Anaktuvuk Pass village Mekiana, Homer. 1972


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