Anaktuvuk Pass: Books

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Title Authorsort ascending Published
The late prehistoric/early historic Eskimo of interior northern Alaska: an ethnoarchaeological approach? Hall, Edwin S., 1939- 1990
Contributions to anthropology : the interior peoples of Northern Alaska Hall, Edwin S., 1939- 1976
Twenty measured sections of Permian Echooka formation, Northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Hakkila, Gregg A. 1986
The Netsi Kutchin : an essay in human ecology Hadleigh-West, Frederick, 1928- 1963
Aeromagnetic map of southwestern Brooks Range, Alaska Hackett, Steve W. (Steve Wayne), 1945-2011. 1977
The distribution and phylogeography of the Alaska marmot (Marmota broweri) Gunderson, Aren M. 2007
The Nunamiut Eskimos, hunters of caribou Gubser, Nicholas J. 1965
Comparative study of the intellectual culture of the Nunamiut Eskimos at Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska Gubser, Nicholas J. 1961
Map and tables describing mineral resource potential of the Brooks Range, Alaska Grybeck, Donald. 1978
Known mineral deposits of the Brooks Range, Alaska Grybeck, Donald G. 1977
Geologic map of the Brooks Range, Alaska Grybeck, Donald (Donald J.) 1977
Stratigraphic evolution and lateral facies changes across a carbonate ramp and their effect on parasequences of the carboniferous Lisburne group, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, northeastern Alaska Gruzlovic, Paul D. 1991
Preliminary detailed stratigraphic sections of the Carboniferous Lisburne Group, central Shublik to the northern Franklin Mountains, northeastern Alaska Gruzlovic, Paul D. 1988
Thrust-breakthrough of folds southwest of Galbraith Lake, central Brooks Range, Alaska Grischkowsky, Elizabeth A. 2002
Structural and petrologic evolution of the southern Brooks Range near Wiseman, Alaska Gottschalk, Richard R. 2002
Industries lithiques à composante lamellaire par pression du Nord Pacifique de la fin du Pléistocène au début de l'Holocène : de la diffusion d'une technique en Extrême-Orient au peuplement initial du Nouveau Monde Gómez Coutouly, Yan Axel. 2011
Ecophysiological and demographic studies of white spruce (Picea glauca <Moench>Voss) at treeline in the central Brooks Range of Alaska Goldstein, Guillermo Hernan, 1944- 1982
Stratigraphy and sedimentology of the Fortress Mountain Formation at Atigun Syncline, northern Alaska Goff, Robert Allen. 1990
Characterization and fluid flow properties of frozen rock systems of Umiat Oil Field, Alaska Godabrelidze, Vasil. 2010
Range-front structure and lithostratigraphy of the Atigun Gorge area, northcentral Brooks Range, Alaska Glenn, Richard K. 1991
Trophy rams of the Brooks Range, plus Secrets of a sheep and mountain goat guide Gilchrist, Duncan. 1981
Ancient men of the Arctic Giddings, J. Louis (James Louis), 1909-1964. 1967
Models of caribou exploitation, butchery, and processing at the Croxton site, Tukuto Lake, Alaska Gerlach, S. Craig (Scott Craig) 1989
The natural dispersal of metals to the environment in the Wulik River-Ikalukrok Creek area, western Brooks Range, Alaska Geological Survey (U.S.) 2003
AFTA : defining the timing & magnitude of paleo-thermal episodes : seven outcrop samples from nothern Alaska, extract from Geotrack report #763 Geograck International. 2000


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