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Ethnobotany Elders Council Meeting, September 2008

Recordings from the second meeting of the Ethnobotany Elders Council held on September 24-26, 2008 at the Kuskokwim Campus of the University of Alaska Fairbanks in Bethel, Alaska.

EBOT+Instructors_Sept 2008.jpgThe Elders Council was comprised of Yup'ik Elders from villages of the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta who came together to discuss traditional Yup'ik plant knowledge. They provide the Yup'ik names for plants and discuss their various traditional uses, including as food and for healing and medicinal purposes. Information from this meeting was incorporated into "A Guide to the Ethnobotany of the Yukon-Kuskokwim Region" edited by Kevin Jernigan, with assistance from Oscar Alexie, Sophie Alexie, Michelle Stover, Rose Meier, Carolyn Parker, Mary Pete, Memmi Rasmussen, Rose Domnick, and Alice Fredson.

The conversation is mostly in Yup'ik. Translated notes from the recording are available as a PDF, but at this time a complete translation of the gathering is not available.

Watch video of the sessions:

The following Elders participated:

Evon Azean.jpg
Evon Azean
Rita Blumenstein.jpg
Rita Blumenstein
Elsie Chimigalrea.jpg
Elsie Chimigalrea
Joseph David.jpg
Joseph David
Margie David.jpg
Margie David
Ben Flynn.jpg
Ben Flynn
Elena Fox.jpg
Elena Fox
Esther Green.jpg
Esther Green
Mary Gregory.jpg
Mary Gregory
Marie Myers_Sept2008.jpg
Marie Myers
(Pilot Station)
modesta myers.jpg
Modesta Myers
(Pilot Station)
Tim Myers.jpg
Tim Myers
(Pilot Station)
Thecla Paul.jpg
Thecla Paul
(Pilot Station)
Maryann Sundown.jpg
Mary Ann Sundown
(Scammon Bay)

Organizers/facilitators included: Mary Pete, Kevin Jernigan, Rose Meier, Sophie Alexie, Oscar Alexie, and Carolyn Parker. All photographs were taken by Caroline Sanders.

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