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Brown Bag Lunch Sessions

There were several smaller sessions of discussions in Homer in 1996 for the Homer Communities of Memory Project. Below are the titles of the sessions and those present. If you would like to view these films or see transcripts, please contact the Pratt Museum Archives in Homer, Alaska.

Session 1: Brown bag lunch Jan. 18, 1996 - First Impressions of Homer - People present: Jan Eagle, Nina Faust, Rose Faust, Mary Scholes, Nancy Levinson, Laura Hendricks, Reggie Hendricks, Sara Jackinsky, Gail Parsons, Anna Borland Ivy, Pat Lawlor, Joe Lawlor, Al Clayton, Martine Clayton, Wendy Erd, Katie Bersch, Andromeda Romano-Lax, David Dean, Alan Parks, Nancy Lord, Daisy Lee Bitter, Jan O'Meara, Chris Thorsrud

Session 2: Brown Bag Lunch, Feb. 7, 1996 - How Have You Survived Here, Socially, Economically and Spiritually? - People present: Chris Thorsrud, Jan O'Meara, Betsy Webb, Joe Gallagher, Joe Lawlor, Alan Parks, Rita Weber, Gail Parsons, Kim Cornwell, Denise Lassaw, John Rate, Sara Jackinsky, 

Session 3: Sunday Afternoon Chat, Feb. 18, 1996 - How Have You Created a Sense of Family? - People present: Jan O'Meara, Jeff Wells, Betsy Webb, Chris Thorsrud, Nancy Lord, Ingrid Nixon, Rose Faust, 

Session 4: Homer Senior Center, March 1, 1996 - Wild Tales of Homer's Past - People present: Chris Thorsrud, Jan O'Meara, Joe Lawlor, Larry Clendenen, Inez Clendenen, Wilma Williams, Vi Chapman, Daisy Lee Bitter, Harry Gregoire, Homer Thompson, Jim McDowell

Session 5: Salty Dawg Saloon, March 8, 1996 - Seafaring Stories - People present: Alan Parks, Jan O'Meara, Betsy Webb, Sara Jackinsky, Julie Goodwin, Glen Caldwell, Sarah Robertson, Brad Temple, Tom Temple, Carol Standaert, Chris Swan, Andy Wills

Session 6: Kachemak Gear Shed, April 3, 1996 - Surviving as an Artist - People present: Jan O'Meara, Nancy Lord, Gail Parsons, Shirley Timmreck, Lynn Naden, Mary Weberg, Michael Armstrong, Asia Freeman, Denise Lassaw, Sondra Kelly, Margaret Raskin

Session 7: Kachemak Gear Shed, April 5, 1996 - Wild Tales from the Sea - People present: Chris Thorsrud, Betsy Webb, Jan O'Meara, Alan Parks, Larry Cavailor, Kyle Lentz, Paul Lentz, Snooks Moore, Rob Ellis, Johnny Brown, Larry Cabana, Marv Peters, Willy Johns, Eileen Mullen