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Click on an Upper Koyukon phrase to hear it pronounced
and to listen to how it is used.


what is your name? my name is____. what is his name? his name is _____ what do you see? i see a moose. i see a dog. i see a rabbit. i see a porcupine. i see a wolf i see a black bear. i see a grizzly bear. i see a ground squirrel. i see a horse. I see a mouse. mouse moose
is it windy? yes, it is getting windy. it is not windy. this is a big black bear. this is a small black bear i see a big wolf. i see a small wolf. i see a lot of wolves.  bear
give it to me! give it to me! here, take it! give me the knife. take the knife. the knife is right here. hand me an axe. hand me a gun hand me some bullets. knife
what are you doing? i am picking berries. i am fishing (with a hook and line). i am going hunting out there. i am walking around. what is the woman doing? she is picking berries she is fishing. the man is walking around outside. hunter

Audio segments originally recorded by Eliza Jones & Joe Kwardceius for use with language lessons what is the man doing? this is a tree. this is a spruce. what is the man doing? he is fishing. she is picking berries. he is playing. he is going hunting. what is the boy doing? the boy is fishing. what is the woman doing? the woman is picking berries. what is the girl doing? the girl is playing. what is the man doing? the man is going hunting hunter person fishing pine cone

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