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Click on an Upper Koyukon phrase to hear it pronounced
and to listen to how it is used.


cloud it is still raining. it is starting to rain again. it is really cloudy. it is really a nice day.
what kind of skin is this. this is a moose skin. this is a caribou skin. what is she doing? she's tanning a skin. this is a mosquito. this is a horsefly. this is a blowfly.
spider this is an ant. this is a spider. this is a worm. what is the worm doing? the worm is crawling around. this is a butterfly what is the butterfly doing? the butterfly is flying around.

Audio segments originally recorded by Eliza Jones & Joe Kwardceius for use with language lessons this is a moose calf. this is a baby rabbit. this is a grizzly cub. this is a wolf pup. this is a puppy. how many puppies do you see? i see three puppies. bear cub wolf pup

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