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Click on an Upper Koyukon phrase to hear it pronounced
and to listen to how it is used.


day light could it be daylight outside? it is getting light. it is getting light now. it is daylight now. it is not daylight yet. what tracks are these? these are animal tracks. these are muskrat tracks. these are beaver tracks. these are a person's tracks. these are moose tracks. these are wolf tracks.
mitts animal track what color is it painted? it is black. it is white. it is red. it is blue, green. it is yellow, brown. what color are the mitts? the mitts are red.
spruce hen what kind of bird is this? this is an owl. this is a duck. this is a mallard. this is a spruce hen. this is a raven. what is the bird doing? the bird is flying around.
breakup the snow has melted. the snow is melting. is it muddy? yes it is muddy. it is not muddy. this is a box. this is a tree.
where is the raven sitting? the raven is sitting on the box. it is sitting in a tree. itis sitting under the box. the raven is sitting under the tree. the dog is sitting beside the house. the dog is sitting in the house.
campsite raven Audio segments originally recorded by Eliza Jones & Joe Kwardceius for use with language lessons

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