Tlingit Use of Resources in the Park

Irene Jimmy -- No Photo Available
Tlingit Gathering and Use of Plants within the Park

(excerpts from Irene Jimmy interview)

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2) Her childhood memories of a potlatch held in the Park, and collecting resources from the Park.

Sitka/ Park -- use of/ Jimmy, Irene -- mother/ potlatch/ Park -- importance of/ Park -- ties to/ spruce roots -- collecting/ weaving -- basket/ berries -- picking|

3) Learning basket weaving, and the steps involved in basket weaving.

Jimmy, Irene -- mother/ weaving -- basket/ weaving -- learning/ Churchill, Selene/ Churchill, Delores/ artists/ art -- carrying on/ spruce roots -- collecting/ spruce roots -- preparation/ weaving -- annual cycle|

4) Preparing and collecting materials for basket making.

basketry -- raw materials/ Redfish Bay/ basket -- hemlock/ environment -- use of/ spruce root/ Russians/ trees -- cutting/ raw materials -- use of/ cedar bark|

8) Reestablishment of Tlingit cultural protocols, and resource use in the Park.

behavior -- protocol/ elders/ Park -- use of/ resources -- use of/ Park -- restrictions/ berries -- huckleberries/ berries -- blueberries/ plants -- use of/ plants -- Devil's Club/ berries -- salmonberries|

9) The Kayaaini Group's effort to document and protect plant use knowledge.

Kayaaini Group/ plants -- use of/ cultural knowledge -- commercialization of/ Sitka Tribe/ resources -- documenting/ collecting -- future/ resources -- protecting|

10) Relearning her own culture, especially plant use and beadwork.

culture -- learning/ knowledge -- lack of/ generations -- differences/ plants -- use of/ Littlefield, Esther/ beadwork/ beading -- learning/ beadwork -- personal use|

11) The revival of Raven's Tail Weaving.

Raven's Tail Weaving/ Hays, Ellen/ Rofkar, Teri/ Laws, Marie/ weaving -- robe/ Yaw, Mr./ Anchorage/ robe -- story/ Sitka/ resources -- use of/ berries -- salmonberries/ fish -- herring/ basket -- design/ Presbyterian Church|

Fishing and Using Other Resources in the Park

(excerpts from Fred Hope interview)

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2) Resource use in the Park.

plants -- gathering/ plants -- Goose Tongue/ plants -- food/ roots -- gathering/ fishing -- smelt/ fish -- sharing|

3) Fishing at Indian River.

Indian River/ fish -- Pink Salmon/ Cottages/ fishing -- gaff hook/ fish -- Humpies/ fishing -- technique/ fish -- selling/ fishing -- restrictions/ fishing -- commercial/ fishing -- seining|

4) Seasonal variation in fishing on the Indian River.

fishing -- Fall/ fish -- Coho/ fishing -- trolling/ fishing -- snagging/ fishing -- Winter/ Indian River -- head of|

6) Indian River water use, and playing in the Park as a boy.

Indian River/ river -- use of/ Sheldon Jackson School/ hatchery/ trees -- playing on/ clams -- digging/ river -- pollution|

7) Various uses of the Park over time.

fishing -- halibut/ Jamestown Bay/ Teacher's Island/ Cameron, Mrs./ cockles -- gathering/ Indian River/ military -- effect of/ sand -- removal/ earthquake/ blockhouse/ Sheldon Jackson School/ logs -- collecting/ lumber|

Tlingit Use of Resources in the Park

(excerpts from Al Perkins interview)

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1) Personal background information.

Sitka -- born there/ Nakwasina -- lived with mother/ grandparents/ Sitka -- subsistence/ conversationalists/ Salmon Lake/ Silver Bay/ fish -- sockeye/ Red Fish Bay -- salmon|

2) Subsistence lifestyle.

Sunday -- no work/ food -- getting/ clams -- digging/ crabs/ berries/ elders/ food -- fresh/ bear meat/ food -- providing for/ Park area -- holy/ Indian River/ smokehouses|

3) Subsistence lifestyle continued.

salmon -- dried/ berries -- plentiful/ loghouses/ Indian River/ Jamestown/ Kiks.ádi/ Wrangell/ Kicks Bay/ ceremonies -- commemorating totem poles/ potlatches|

15) Village and the land of the Kiks.ádi.

Jamestown/ protected area/ Sitka/ subsistence/ grandfather -- Charlie Bennett's/ Mrs. Bennett/ Bennett, Joe -- uncle/ Redoubt Bay/ Mt. Edgecumbe/ smokehouse|

20) Why the Park is so important to the Kiks.ádi people.

sacred ground/ people -- buried/ Fort Site/ Red Fish Bay/ Daniels, Charley|

22) Sacred ground area.

history -- knows well/ Castle Hill/ rebuilt/ Russians/ mother/ berries -- salmonberries/ plant -- wild turnip/ burials|

Tlingit Use of Resources in the Park

(excerpts from Mark Jacobs Jr. interview)

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3) Life in the Tlingit village versus life in the Cottages, and use of the Park when he was a boy.

Jacobs, Mark Jr -- father/ Iceberg House/ Jacobs, Mark Jr. -- father's childhood/ potlatch/ clan house/ Jacobs, Mark Jr -- sisters/ Cottages/ changes -- move to Cottages/ language -- Tlingit/ Park -- playground/ Park -- maintenance/ Jacobs, Mark Jr. -- grandmother/ medicine -- Indian/ medicine -- plant|

4) His grandmother's use of medicinal plants collected in the Park.

Park -- Tlingit placenames/ medicine -- plant/ medicine -- Indian/ Jacobs, Mark Jr. -- grandmother/ walking/ medicine -- preparation/ Fort Site/ Second Russian American Conference -- speech/ contact -- first European|

6) Use of the Indian River area of the Sitka National Historical Park, and old cars getting stuck trying to go up the steep hill at Shaman Point.

Indian River -- Tlingit name/ fish -- King Salmon/ Park -- use of/ Park -- automobile road/ Littlefield, Esther -- house/ hill/ car -- four-cylinder/ Shaman Point -- Tlingit name/ graves -- shaman|

8) The Kiks.ádi relationship to and use of the Park.

abandonment/ 1926 Indian Village Site Act/ clan -- house/ trees -- use of/ totem poles -- borrowed/ St. Louis World's Fair|

9) Using the Park as a boy.

totem poles -- Haida/ Park -- use of/ Park -- lack of restrictions/ playground/ tree -- hollow/ bats/ Jacobs, Mark Jr. -- mother/ bats -- Tlingit name/ Park -- cattle/ Burkhart's dairy/ cattle -- kids clearing from Park/ tree -- Witchcraft Tree/ tree -- Russian Cemetary/ tree -- Devil's Fork/ tourists/ graves -- Russian sailors|

Tlingit Use of Resources in the Park

(excerpts from Ellen Hope Hays interview)


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17) Traditional use of the Park for resources.

Park -- use of/ water supply/ Indian River/ fish -- Humpies/ fishing -- Fall/ fish -- preparation/ location -- benefit of/ resistance/ plants -- gathering/ plants -- berries/ plants -- ferns/ fish -- salmon/ fishing -- children/ fish -- selling|

Tlingit Use of Resources in the Park

(excerpts from Gil Truitt interview)

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3) Life in the Cottages community and people's subsistence use of the Park area.

Truitt, Gil -- grandfather/ James, Alfred/ Cottages -- construction of/ Cottages -- history/ Simpson, Peter/ boatshop -- Peter Simpson's/ Totem Park/ subsistence/ herring -- eggs/ Indian River/ food -- gathering/ Sheldon Jackson School -- respect for/ smelt -- use of|

4) Tlingit peoples' subsistence use of the Park and their deeper ties to the place.

subsistence/ hunting -- deer/ deer -- scarcity of/ Truitt, Gil -- grandmother/ Cameron, Mrs. Don/ Thorton, Tom/ cultural research/ language -- Tlingit/ Kiks.ádi/ family history/ Russians/ battle|

12) Collecting salmon at the Indian River in the Park when he was a boy and how the river has changed.

Indian River/ fish -- Pink Salmon/ fishing/ fish -- disappearance/ military/ flood -- 1942|

Tlingit Use of Resources

(excerpts from George Hall interview)

H98-39-12, Part 1

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10) Tlingit use of the Park, and an archaeological survey at the Fort Site.

Park/ resources -- Tlingit use of/ plants -- medicinal/ archaeological survey/ Hadleigh-West, Fred/ archaeological sites -- deterioration of/ Park --military/ middens/ Andrews, Alex/ Historical Society/ Fort -- location of/ Fort -- shape of/ logs -- dug up/ picture -- Lisianski/ cannon|

20) Restrictions on Native fishing and hunting, moving the State's capital, and the Brady homestead in Sitka.

war/ fish -- salmon/ fish -- traps/ subsistence -- restrictions/ sealing -- pelagic/ boats -- towing/ boat -- sailing/ whaling/ Old Sitka/ State capital -- move/ Sitka/ Juneau/ Brady, Hugh/ Brady, Governor John/ Russian Church/ homestead/ limitations|

30) Collecting the story of Glacier Bay in Hoonah continued, and tells a story about a boat in Hoonah that people believed was bewitched.

visiting -- rules/ story -- collecting/ fishing/ Indian/ ?, Jimmy/ story -- bewitching/ behavior -- jinxed/ doctor -- Indian/ devil's club/ boat -- blessed/ Andrew, Alex/ party|

Tlingit Use of Resources

(excerpts from George Hall interview)

H98-39-12, Part 2

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2) The Russian Bishop's House (Russian Orphanage) original construction and restoration.

Russian Orphanage/ fire/ chapel/ Lions Club/ furnace -- coal/ Fort Ross, California/ restoration/ floor -- planking/ insulation/ Aleuts/ plant -- Devil's Club/ beliefs -- cultural/ disease -- prevention/ Washington, D.C./ Miller, Isabelle|


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