The Port Graham Jukebox Project is an interactive computer based program which combines oral history interviews with photographs, maps, text, and other contextual information. Residents of Port Graham conducted interviews and provided photographs for the project. Those who participated in compiling materials for the the project included: Lydia Robart, Herman Moonin Jr., Tom and Feona Sawden. Luba Meganack and Jim and Susan Labelle generously loaned copies from their photograph collections. Nancy Davis also loaned copies of photos she acquired from the National Archives in Washington, D.C.

Many topics were covered by the interviews, among these are: growing up in the village in the early 1900s; contemporary subsistence; the Port Graham Corporation and its future; and changes that have occurred in the village over time. Although there are many other topics and interesting people not covered, this leaves a great opportunity for future similar projects for either school students or the village council.

Ron Stanek, who works with the Division of Subsistence of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, coordinated the project with the village and the Oral History Program at the Elmer E. Rasmuson Library, University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Bill Burke, with the Oral History Program, constructed the Jukebox from materials and information provided by the interviews and village residents. The background images for the slideshows and main menu page utilized materials from cultural history documents and significant elements in the lives of project participants. Click here for more information on the background images and to view their sources in greater detail. Funding was made available through the Alaska Department of Fish and Game with support from the Minerals Management Service.

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