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This project was originally created in Hyper-Card in the early 90's. The photos were generously provided by the Village of Fort Yukon with the help of the late Carolyn Peter. Kathleen Alexander Carroll, Richard Carroll, Wally Flitt, Nancy James, Caroline Peter, Debbie Van Dyke, Dee Walters and Sue Clifton helped to get interviews with the following elders: Martha Flitt, Myra Francis, Annie James, Stanley Jonas, Julia Peter, Louise Peter, Jonathon Solomon, Mardow Solomon, Mae Wallis and Doris Ward.

Students and teachers made two trips to the University Archives in 1993. On the first trip, they scanned photos into the computer and digitized a sample of audio. This demo was then taken back to Fort Yukon and, with the help of Janet Peter, shown to the elders, students and other community members at a special meeting at the school. During that meeting, the students selected 21 photographs that they wanted the elders to identify and discuss. A second trip was made to the University where students scanned in the 21 photographs.

On May 17, 1993, Bill Schneider returned to Fort Yukon with Dan Grahek with a sample of the interactive computerized photo album. The design was received well by elders and other community members. On this trip four additional interviews were conducted. Dan Grahek and Elizabeth Cook digitized the audio and linked it to the photos and in 2005, this project was recreated in HTML by Marla Statscewich.

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