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Coming to Alaska
Fairbanks Flood
Boat Racing
Dog Racing

Coming to Alaska

Click on a section below to hear Doris Southall talk about coming to Alaska.

5) Marriage and coming to Alaska.

Southall, John/ son/ husband -- killed/ staff nurse/ Alaska/ family/ Whitehorse/ Skagway/ bakery -- oldest brother opened it/ equipment -- bakery/ Fairbanks/ mom/ brother/ visits/ brother -- principal of Main High School/ Catholic schools|

Click on a section below to hear James Hutchison talk about coming to Alaska.

1) Coming to Alaska.

Army/ Haines/ Valdez/ home guards/ Vancouver Barracks/ 21st Infantry/ Seattle -- shipped from/ Ketchikan/ Juneau/ Valdez -- shipped to/ summertime -- July 1919/ Gulf of Alaska/ getting sick|

2) Arriving in Valdez.

August 1919/ personnel -- getting acquainted/ singing -- quartet/ entertaining -- people on boats/ Alyeska/ military post/ freight -- unloading/ Valdez -- putting on show/ Donaldson/ bootleggers/ Bay -- froze up/ military post -- returning to it|

3) Cutting ice out of the Bay and leaving the service.

Alagonkin -- ice cutter/ Higgins/ Matson, Helen -- wife/ marriage/ service -- discharged/ Fairbanks/ railroad/ Nenana|

4) Coming to Fairbanks.

traveling -- by train/ Seward/ Curry/ roadhouse/ Nenana/ fishcamp/ Fairbanks/ Nordale/ cabin -- rented on 6th Street/ work/ Sampson Hardware/ airplane --Sir Hubert Wilkens/airplane -- busted up/ field -- Gaffney and Cushman/ Sears Robuck Building/ airplanes/ tri-motor/ engines|

Click on a section below to hear Howard Luke talk about coming to Fairbanks.

1) Family Background.

Nenana -- birth/ moving -- 1937/ Alford, Laura -- schoolteacher/ Charlie, Sam/ David, Lawrence/ houses -- burnt down/ Luke, Stephen -- brother/ family -- reason why they moved here/ Nenana -- tough living/ furs -- scarce/ moose -- scarce/ meat -- jerk/ moose -- finding|

2) Food storage and coming to Fairbanks.

meat -- preserving/ holes -- digging/ fish heads/ birch bark/ fox farm/ mink ranch/ work -- searching for/ Charlie, Sam/ homestead -- how they got it/ Dad/ Seward/ groceries|

Click on a section below to hear Reverend Parham talk about coming to Alaska.

1) Introduction and coming to Alaska.

Stockton, CA/ truck driver/ streets/ church/ store -- credit/ groceries/ money -- making|

2) Coming to Alaska.

California -- leaving/ working -- around the clock/ working -- construction/ ticket -- borrowed money/ Weeks Field/ work -- carpenter|

3) Reverend Parham comes to Alaska and his wife remains behind.

store -- managed/ children -- three girls/ store -- closed down/ communication -- Alaska, California/ writing letters/ family -- bringing up to Alaska/ house -- building/ 21st Street/ street -- building|

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1967 Fairbanks Flood

Click on a section below to hear Doris Southall talk about the flood.

12) Fairbanks flood.

Schools -- opened up/ Nenana/ nurses -- getting in touch with/ Hunter School/ trucks/ beds/ Red Cross/ Brooks, Irene -- Red Cross worker/ clothing/ Barnett School/ water -- coming in/ Denali School/ batteries/ foodland/ Cushman Street/ 14th Street|

13) Fairbanks flood continued.

Home -- had to leave/ Mrs. Bailey/ Lathrop/ water level -- rising/ Cushman and Airport/ radio/ Murphy, Jack/ Fort Wainwright/ St. Joseph's patients/ nurse's home/ Shouldis, Dolores|

14) Fairbanks flood continued.

Nurse's home -- water entering/ waking up/ Colonel Smith/ helicopter/ hospital/ Lathrop -- ride to|

15) Fairbanks flood continued.

Dolores/ Denali School/ Lathrop School/ Brooks, Irene/ Doctor Weaver/ medical supplies/ Commissioner of Health and Social Services/ Public Health nurses/ donations -- clothing/ children -- sent to Anchorage/ Church -- took families in|

Click on a section below to hear Reverend Parham talk about the flood.

23) Planting crops and the flood.

oats/ barley/ harvesting/ meat/ Fairbanks/ getting ready/ water -- at house/ flood -- telling everyone|

24) What happened to the family when the flood came.

helicopter/ water/ scared/ boat -- bring back to house/ helicopter -- picking them up/ dogs -- some drowned/ animals/ school -- evacuated to/ hotel -- stayed in/ food -- hauling|

25) The flood and coming back home.

homestead -- returning to/ Hunter School/ Ryan School/ homestead house -- two story/ damage/ insurance/ Main Junior High/ food -- pickup|

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Click on a section below to hear Reverend Parham talk about homesteading.

7) Becoming homesteaders.

Territory of Alaska/ Cushman Street/ land -- getting/ land -- homestead/ acres/ land -- working it/ Stockton, CA/ debt/ Fairbanks -- you can make lots of money|

8) Homesteading.

money -- need it/ shipyard/ small plane -- took to Fairbanks/ opportunity/ Mrs. Parham's parents -- homesteaded in Arkansas/ parents -- ten children/ property -- try to won/ homesteading -- Alaska/ Big Delta -- first tried homesteading/ timber -- big|

9) Homesteading and making money.

Fairbanks -- small timber/ making money/ Chicago/ Detroit/ parents -- listening to/ marriage -- leaving after/ construction work/ bank account/ own boss/ money -- in your pocket/ store/ preaching/ getting established|

10) Leaving Big Delta and moving to North Pole.

Wainwright/ Moose Creek -- homesteading/ 160 acres|

11) Building a house on the homestead and getting the children to school.

house -- building/ homesteading/ moving into house/ children -- busing to school|

12) Getting the children to school.

protection -- learning to shoot/ Whitey and Vista -- dogs/ Badger road/ children -- go on bus/ rifle/ homesteading -- families/ McCormicks -- friends with eight children/ food -- sharing/ road -- built together|

13) Getting electricity on the homestead.

GVEA/ McCormick -- neighbors/ Golden Valley/ electricity -- monthly payments/ power plant/ bed springs -- homemade contraption to get power|

14) What kind of animals were on the homestead and what kind of crops were planted.

animals -- hogs, chickens, rabbits, goats/ barley oats/ homestead requirements -- grow crops/ fruit -- sold/ lettuce/ greens/ potatoes/ cabbage/ corn -- never generated/ cucumber/ experimenting with different crops|

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Dog Racing

Click on a section below to hear Howard Luke talk about dog racing.

13) Mail trails and dog racing.

dogteams/ Nenana/ Gold King/ Shake, Charlie/ Cooney, Mike/ dogs/ skiis/ Fagen, Kerry/ dogs -- trying them out/ riding/ leader/ racing/ Peterson, Tom/ North American -- won in 1947/ Cockrane, Andy/ competition|

14) Dog Mushers.

Carroll, Tom/ Fort Yukon/ Butler, Jake/ Kokrine, Andy/ Titus, Charlie/ Paul, Herman -- the Ironman/ racing -- all four days/ Howard -- sick/ doctor/ dog handler/ Fur Rondevous -- 1952|

15) Dog racing and being ill at the race.

running/ Curry, Toll/ Dimitiv, Nick/ Pfieffer, Dave/ pneumonia/ tuberculosis/ hospital|

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Boat Racing

Click on a section below to hear Howard Luke talk about boat racing.

20) Boat racing.

Yukon 800 -- won in 1965/ Anderson, Johnny/ race -- Ruby and back/ racing -- getting started/ river -- knowledge/ races -- short/ Nenana|

21) Boat racing continued.

Yukon/ Galena/ gas up/ race -- non-stop/ fire/ Manley Hot Springs/ trees -- used as markers/ Yukon River/ markers|

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