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Anaktuvuk Pass D-2 Lands Public Hearing Video Recordings

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Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA) (D-2) public hearings of the Joint Federal-State Land Use Planning Commission recorded in Anaktuvuk Pass on May 12, 1973. Public hearings were conducted around Alaska as part of the planning process for setting aside and protecting federal lands in areas such as National Parks and Preserves, Wildlife Refuges, etc.

These recordings include testimonies from residents of Anaktuvuk Pass about land use and subsistence activities in their area. Many of the speakers speak in their native Inupiaq language with translation provided by Jacob Adams.

In attendance for the Commission are: Jim Hurley and Celia Hunter, Comissioners; Clifford Black, Coordinator for Native Affairs; John Hall, staff member; Judy Ayres, staff member; and Wilbur Mills, advisory committee member .

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Tape 1 (AAF-2789)
[John Hugo, Ruth Rulland, Robert Paneak, Billy Morry, Susie Paneak, Simon Paneak, Riley Sikvayugak]
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Tape 2 (AAF-2791)

[Simon Paneak, Riley Sikvayugak, Raymond Paneak, Zaccharias Hugo, Marie Paneak, Jack Ahgook, Olive Morry, Roosevelt Paneak]
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Tape 3 (AAF-2793)

[Rebecca Mekiana, Elijah Kakinya, Joshua Rulland, Ellen Hugo, Simon Paneak, Rachel Sikvayugak (Riley)]
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Tape 4 (AAF-2795)

[Rachel Sikvayugak (Riley) completes her testimony, James Tobuk, Raymond Paneak, Elizabeth Paneak, Riley Morry, Noah Ahgook, David Mekiana]
These archival films were digitized and made available to you with the help of a grant from the Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve. The editing and processing of the material was a joint project between the Oral History Program and the Alaska Film Archives at Elmer E. Rasmuson Library, University of Alaska Fairbanks.