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Digital Branch of the University of Alaska Fairbanks Oral History Program

Topics in Akiachak Interviews

Celestial Navigation:   fred george_audio.jpg Frederick Sualpi T. George

Commercial Fishing:  tom kasayulie_audio.jpg Tom Nurauq Kasayulie

Community Health Aides:  elsie wassilie_audio.jpg Elsie Iqsak Wassilie; moses frederick_audio.jpg Moses Ulurilnguq Frederick; joe lomack_audio.jpg Joseph Uyaquq Lomack

Dog Mushing and Subsistence:  tom wassillie_audio.jpg Tom Kiarcimalria Wassilie

Education:   joe slats_audio.jpg Joseph Arssauyaaq Slats

Governance:  willie kasayulie_audio.jpg Willie Quassayuli Kasayulie; george peter_audio.jpg George Ayak'aq Peter

History of Akiachak:  joshua phillip_audio.jpgJoshua Acurunaq Philip; joe lomack_audio.jpg Joseph Uyaquq Lomack

Obedience, Respect, and Family Roles:  james peter_audio.jpg James Qukailnguq Peter, Sr.

Parka Design:  olinka george_audio.jpg Olinka Laviissi George

Reindeer Herding:  tom kasayulie_audio.jpg Tom Nurauq Kasayulie

Survival Techniques in Open Water and Cold Weather Conditions:  george moses_audio.jpg George Ayaginaar Moses, Sr.; john constantine_audio.jpg John Selaap'aq Constantine

Ways of Learning from Observation and Storytelling:  elizabeth peter_audio.jpg Elizabeth Naparyaq Peter; nellie moses_audio.jpg Nellie Ikegvak Moses