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Lillian Walker

Lillian Walker

lwalkerft.gifLillian Walker is Yup'ik and was born in 1924 to Katherine Bradley and Gabriel Kootok in Unalakleet, Alaska. She lived in Kaltag from age four to seven, then her stepfather, Fred LaBelle, moved the family to a mink farm located between Unalakleet and Kaltag. When she was thirteen years old she was sent to the Holy Cross Mission for school in Holy Cross, Alaska. She met her husband, David Walker there and was married in 1942. They lived in Ghost Creek, a few miles outside of the village, and had six children. In the late 1970s, Lillian was selected to be the community health aide in Holy Cross, and at one point helped put together one of the health aide training manuals. Lillian was so popular as a health aide, that when she retired, the alternate health aide and other people in the community urged her to return to the job and continued to call on her for advice. In addition to providing direct medical care, Lillian went into the schools to educate children about the dangers of drugs and alcohol and to promote healthy living. After retirement, Lilian continued to be involved with local and regional health boards. She is an accomplished beader and sewer who continues to create beautiful pieces.

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