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Roger Atoruk

Roger was born in Kiana to Peter and Nellie Ward Sheldon Atoruk on July 28, 1930. He grew up in Kiana and spent his entire life there. His mother, Nellie, married Peter after the death of her husband, Tommie Sheldon, Sr. After Nellie passed away, Peter married Effie. This brought several families and children together. As a result, Roger has many brothers and sisters: Elwood Atoruk, Stella Dugish and Norma Stagnero; half-brothers and sisters: Wilbur, Michael and Ben; and step brothers and sisters: Tommie Sheldon, Jr., Harry Hobson, Vera Douglas, Grace Forselles, and Cora Gooden. While in his early 20s, Roger worked for six seasons in Nome and with mining contractors up the Squirrel River. He was later employed by the School District (formerly BIA Schools) for thirty-six years. Roger was the first guardsman recruited for the National Guard in Kiana. The Recruiters found him on a trail to Selawik. Roger and Mary celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary in July 2003. They were married in Nome on July 23, 1953. They have eight children, all of whom are grown and living in Kiana, Noorvik, Kotzebue, and Anchorage. Roger and Mary are enjoying parenthood a second time around by raising their beloved grandson John Roger Atoruk (named after Roger's grandfather and himself) and teaching him survival skills as well as hunting and fishing. Many years ago, when it was an active organization, Roger was a member and race timekeeper for the Kiana Dog Mushers Association. He has been an active member of the Kiana Elders Council for many years. Although officially retired, Roger is currently a village agent for several local airlines

Date of Birth:
Jul 28, 1930
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