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Anne Wilson

Anne Wilson

Anne Wilson is a Yup'ik elder who was born to Evan and Stephanie Apakitak and grew up around the Lake Iliamna area. Her father was a commercial fisherman and trapper, and they traveled around by the season living in small camps at Kukaklek and Nonvianuk lakes, Big Mountain, Kaskanak, and all along the Kvichak River. They also lived in Igiugig until the family moved to Levelock in 1956 so the children could attend school. She married George Wilson, Sr. in 1966 in Levelock, where they lived until 1976 when they moved to Igiugig to spend time with Anne's grandmother, Anuska Arnalquar. Anne took care of the home and raised the children while George was out on the trapline for long periods, is a talented skin sewer, seamstress and cook, and oversees activities at their summer fish camp where she is highly skilled at cutting and smoking fish.

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