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Morton Wood

Morton Wood "Woody" was a member of the first successful climb of the South Buttress of Denali, in 1954. The climb was both a magnificent mountaineering accomplishment and a tragic reminder of the inherent dangers of climbing. Elton Thayer, perhaps the most experienced climber of the team, was killed in a fall on descent of the mountain. Fellow climber George Argus, who dislocated a hip in the fall, was eventually left with dwindling supplies while Woody andLes Viereckmade a dangerous trek down the Muldrow in search of help. Woody gives a harrowing account, one that explains why most of the team did little serious climbing after this accident. Woody's abiding love of wild places is not diminished, nor is his deep appreciation for the closeness of his climbing partners in the face of daunting circumstances.
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