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James Wickwire

James Wickwire Jim is a world-famous climber who has accomplished much, and endured even more, over decades of climbing all over the world. An attorney by profession and a devout family man, Jim, nonetheless, is "addicted to danger" and the challenges of extreme mountaineering. In this interview, Jim describes his climbing experiences throughout the world, including the ill-fated trip to Alaska where he lost his climbing partner Chris Kerrebrock in a freak crevasse fall on the Peters Glacier. Jim's account is candid and insightful, as are his reflections on what motivates him as a climber. Jim's accounts are a virtual "who's who" of the climbing world, for he has partnered with some of the very best in pursuit of mountains ranging from Dhaulagiri to K2. Jim gives us important observations on a subject with which he has perhaps too much familiarity: death in high places. He tackles the subjects of risk and responsibility in mountaineering in his excellent autobiography, "Addicted to Danger," destined to become a classic in mountaineering literature.
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