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J.D. Swed

J.D. Swed This joint interview with Climbing Ranger Daryl Miller (right) and South District Ranger J.D. Swed (left) was conducted by Bill Brown on February 27, 1992 in the unheated NPS Ranger Station in downtown Talkeetna. It brought experienced climbing ranger, Miller, and recently arrived district ranger, Swed, together with their varying perspectives and responses. Daryl has been long associated with climbing and Mount McKinley, in particular, as an independent climber and as a client and guide with Genet Expeditions. J.D., although he had only arrived in Talkeetna a few weeks earlier, has had 16 years of NPS ranger experience in Yosemite, Grand Teton, Grand Canyon, and other Southwestern parks. He worked on a variety of assignments including ski patrol, mountaineering ranger, search and rescue, and emergency medical work.
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