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Paul Roderick

Paul Roderick Paul is the lead pilot and owner of Talkeetna Air Taxi and spends much of his summer in the air, supporting climbers and flightseers headed to and from Denali. As a climber himself, Paul seems to have a special affinity for climbers and tolerance, too, as many of his clients stage out of TAT headquarters. On the day of the interview, poor weather made it possible for Paul to take a short time out of his busy day to reflect on flying in one of the world's most dynamic and perilous environments. Paul talks about how he has gotten to the know the Alaska Range as a pilot, the special challenges of mountain flying and glacier landings, and the ways that being a climber helps him in his work. Paul gives us an inside view of how climbers and pilots coordinate their efforts, both in the "routine" of put-ins and take-outs, but also in emergency situations. He shares some insights about how he copes with the dangers and deaths that inevitably come with mountaineering and bush flying.
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