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Berle Mercer

Berle Mercer For several years, Berle hauled freight via horseback to the McGonagall Pass cache site for climbers attempting the Muldrow Glacier route on Denali. Berle recalls packing in supplies for some of his most memorable clients, including the ill-fated Wilcox Expedition, Bradford and Barbara Washburn, and a very finicky wildlife photographer. In the interview, Berle also recalls rescuing a Swiss climbing party that descended the Muldrow Glacier, after their guide abandoned them on the West Buttress. Berle, a long time Alaskan, has had an on going relationship with Denali National Park since the 1950s. In this interview, Berle openly criticizes a number of Park policies and employees. He offers his opinions on controversial topics such as access to remote areas within the Park and the permit and concessionaire system.
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