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George Lowe

George Lowe George is a world-renowned climber famed for his unstoppable will and consummate skill. Among climbers, George's climbing style is often described as "impeccable," and he has a reputation for taking on highly "committing" routes. George is cousin to fellow climber Jeff Lowe. George describes how he became a climber, what drew him to Alaska, and what particular challenges he faced on the routes he pioneered in Alaska---some of the most demanding and audacious climbs anywhere in the world. George describes his career with modesty, but acknowledges that part of his remarkable success can be attributed to his tenacity and commitment despite - or perhaps because of - the objective hazards he encounters. George also weighs in on the critical issue of NPS management of climbing on Denali, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of "search and rescue" fallbacks for climbers.
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