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Annie Duquette

Annie Duquette Annie, who has spent over ten years on the mountain during the climbing season as the on-site manager of basecamp, was wrapping up the season before stepping down to enjoy life at her new home outside Talkeetna. Annie is world-famous as the liaison to the mountain, serving as everything from radio dispatcher to camp counselor. She gives us an especially intimate look at daily life on the mountain, as well as the characters who are drawn to such extreme places. The interview took place in her weatherport "home away from home," just before it was to be disassembled and slung off the mountain at the close of the climbing season. Annie reflected on the challenges and rewards of her work, the many trying situations she dealt with, and the changes she has witnessed as Denali's popularity grows. There was a special poignancy during the interview not only because Annie was leaving soon, but also because she shared the grief of the whole community in the loss of NPS rangers and pilot Don Bowers in an airplane crash only weeks before this interview took place.
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