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John Haile Cloe

John Haile Cloe is a retired military historian and retired Army Reserve colonel who served two tours of duty in Vietnam as an Infantry officer. He has conducted oral history interviews and written about Alaska's military history, especially World War II and the Aleutian Campaign. He is the author of two books: Aleutian Warriors: A History of the 11th Air Force and Fleet Air Wing 4 (Pictorial Histories Publishing Co., 1992), and Top Cover for America: The Air Force in Alaska, 1920-1983 (Pictorial Histories Publishing Co., 1984). John also has appeared on the History and Discovery Channels on various occasions as an expert on Alaska’s military past, including the popular 2009 History Channel documentary The Bloody Aleutians. He is the recipient of two Air Force Historian of the Year and Alaska Historian of the Year awards, and serves on the boards of the Alaska Historical Society and the Alaska Humanities Forum. 

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