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Mead Treadwell

Louis Mead Treadwell II was born in New Haven, Connecticut in 1956. After earning a bachelor's degree in history from Yale University, he took an internship with Walter Hickel's campaign for governor of Alaska. This began his long political career in Alaska. Treadwell is a member of the Republican Party and served as the 11th Lieutenant Governor of Alaska from 2010 to 2014 during the administration of Governor Sean Parnell. In 2006, he was appointed by President George W. Bush to serve as chairman of the United States Arctic Research Commission, which he did until 2010 when he became Lieutenant Governor. Mead helped establish the Siberia Alaska Gateway Project of the Alaska State Chamber of Commerce, which worked to open the U.S.-Russia border with the 1988 Friendship Flight between Alaska and Siberia. He also led two expeditions to Wrangel Island in 1990, and in 1993 led a team of nuclear safety experts to the Bilibino Nuclear Power Plant in Chukotka. After the 1989 Exxon Valdez Oil Spill in Prince William Sound, Alaska, Mead served as Director of Spill Response for the city of Cordova, Alaska. He then served as Deputy Commissioner of Alaska's Department of Environmental Conservation (1991-1994) where he continued to assist in the oil spill cleaup efforts. He has represented the State of Alaska on U.S. delegations in three circumpolar government groups. Mead also holds a Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School and has been successful in several business ventures. He has a passion for history and the Cold War in particular.

Date of Birth:
Mar 21, 1956
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