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Walter Akpik, Sr., Interview 19, Part 1
Walter Akpik, Sr.

Walter Akpik, Sr. (Utik) was interviewed on June 30, 1983 by Bill Schneider and Wendy Arundale at his home in Atqasuk, Alaska for the Chipp-Ikpikpuk and Meade Rivers Oral History Project. Joe Akpik was the Iñupiaq language translator during the interview. In this first part of a two part interview, Walter talks about the boat trip the group just completed where they visited historic sites on the Meade River, talks more about the sites, and sings a traditional song about the Meade River. He also talks about moving a house to Tikiġluk, trapping, fishing, and caribou hunting. (IHLC Tape #00093)

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1) Walter sings a song about the Meade River.

2) The trip's progression down the Meade River starting at Itqiuraq.

3) Walter sings a song, and moving the house to Tikiġluk.

4) Joe Akpik summarizes what Walter talked about in the previous sections, and adds some of his own details.

5) The Qiŋaġnaak, Atqasuk, and Aki areas.

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Section 1: Tunik, Clayborne\ travel - Qagluuraq to Atqasuk|

Section 2: sites - identification\ Qagluuraq\ Itqiuraq\ Pisiksaġiaġvik\ trapping - Itqiuraq\ resources - coal\ Aŋutiġruaq\ campsite\ Imñaiġauġruk\ Qaġlu\ hunting - caribou\ hunting - guns\ Ipiqqiġruaq\ trapping - foxes\ Nuisuġnaak\ song - Nuisuġnaak\ Qagluuraq\ Griest, Levi\ fishing - grayling\ water - depth\ Qaġlu\ fishing - winter\ fishing - ling cod\ Patiktitaq\ Patiktitaq - characteristic\ Igalaaq\ creek - Namniq\ fishing - Atqasuk|

Section 3: Tikiġluk\ coal\ song - Tikiġluk\ Samarualuk\ hunting - on foot\ hunting - caribou|

Section 4: Meade River - song\ Tikiġluk\ Atqasuk - original site\ residence - Namniq\ fishing|

Section 5: Qiŋaġnaak\ Uyaġaak\ Panikpatchiaq\ dwellings - old\ Hamilton\ archaeologists\ geologists\ Link, Dana\ National Park Service - mapping\ Atqasuk area\ Utqiaġvik\ hunting\ houses - sod\ houses - ancient\ food - storage\ caribou - trap\ caribou - fall|