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The North Slope Project Jukeboxes were created with funding from the North Slope Borough, Inupiat History Language and Culture Commission (IHLC) in Barrow, Alaska. IHLC staff collaborated with the Oral History Program, University of Alaska Fairbanks to develop and design these 3 programs.

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Chipp-Ikpikpuk and Meade Rivers Oral History Project

The Chipp-Ikpikpuk and Meade River Oral History Project is comprised of interviews conducted with elders in Barrow in the early 1980s about subsistence and land use activities. The tape and transcript collection housed at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Archives and the IHLC Archives was originally incorporated into a Jukebox in 1993 and was updated in 2000 for web delivery.

The Barrow Photo Album was put together in 1994 by UAF anthropology graduate student Elizabeth Cook to highlight a valuable collection of historic photographs taken by Presbyterian minister and doctor Henry Greist who lived in Barrow between 1922 and 1936. Seven elder women who grew up during the Greist’s tenure in Barrow provide commentary about the images and how the Greist’s influenced their lives.

Barrow Photo Album

Marvin Peter Photo Album

The Marvin Peter Photo Album was created in 1996 by IHLC Oral Historian Karen Brewster and the rest of the IHLC staff. Elder Rex Ahvakana discusses a selection of photographs from IHLC’s Marvin Peter Collection. Marvin Peter’s photographs provide an Inupiaq perspective on life in Northern Alaska from the 1930s to 1960s. Rex provides clear identification of people, places and events in the photographs, but his comments also offer insight into the details of his own life.