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The Lake Clark Jukebox Project consists of fourteen photo albums representing different, but overlapping historic themes. These themes include subsistence, early education, reindeer herding, park establishment, early industry, population transitions, exploration-guiding-sport hunting, landscape changes, old villages, people, trails, transportation, and Dena'ina tools-education.

John Branson, a historian for Lake Clark National Park in Port Alsworth, Alaska, collected the historic photographs (many of which are now included in the National Park Service collection), conducted oral history interviews about them with a variety of Native and National Park Service affiliated people, and provided the theme titles for each photo album/slideshow. This body of material contains information on the transitions that occurred when outside influence came into the Lake Clark area.

Karen Evanoff-Stickman, of Nondalton, Alaska, collected additional photographs, and conducted oral history interviews with Nondalton elders about their perspectives on the photo albums' historic themes. She also worked at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Oral History Office to create the Jukebox program design and put photographic and audio material into the computer system. The body of material Karen collected offers perspective on Native life in the region prior to outside influence. For example: how children were instructed before schools came into the villages; what the Lake Clark National Park land was used for prior to the establishment of the park; the preservation of resources; transportation before airplanes, boats, and motors; and traditional values, which continue to be an important part of Native life in the area today. The Dena'ina tools-education slideshow provides a very short version of Native education and craftsmanship. This Native perspective is a valuable addition to the project that broadens our understanding of the region's history.

The Lake Clark Project Jukebox was funded by the National Park Service. Karen Brewster, Jarrod Decker, and other staff at the Oral History Office at the University of Alaska Fairbanks worked with Karen Stickman to design and implement the project.

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