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Ruth Sandvik

Ruth Sandvik: Interview Outline: Section 19

Photo of Johnson Black

Tape Reference Number: H2002-09-11
Ruth Blankenship-Sandvik talks with Bill Schneider and Eileen Devinney in Kiana, Alaska on February 28, 2002.

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Ruth Sandvik: Here's Johnson Black. You didn't call him, huh? I -- I enjoy his stories. He's young. I mean, compared to me, he's young because I remember him when he was very small. But -- but they took him because he had -- he had strength and he was young. And he could climb the -- climb the hills better than they could. But they also showed him how to hunt. But if -- if you could get him to tell that story about how he moved up and how they cornered these 16, and got 16 [caribou].

Photo of Johnson Black, Inez Black and Grace Outwater

Left to right: Johnson Black, Inez Black and Grace Outwater possibly at a Thanksgiving celebration

[Photo courtesy of Thomas L. Jackson]

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