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Ruth Sandvik

Ruth Sandvik: Interview Outline: Section 15

Photo of Levey's store in Kotzebue

Tape Reference Number: H2002-09-11
Ruth Blankenship-Sandvik talks with Bill Schneider and Eileen Devinney in Kiana, Alaska on February 28, 2002.

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Eileen Devinney: Do you know what building that is? It is huge construction. I wondered --

Ruth Sandvik: This one? I think it's -- I thought it was Hanson's -- oh, they called it Hanson's Store, but I think it was Levey's Store before him. It was still -- it was still up when we moved here in '35.

Photo of Wilber Atoruk, Leo Gooden, Winona Gooden, Michael Atoruk, Larry Schuerch, Vincent Schuerch

Left to right: Vincent Schuerch, Lorry Schuerch, Michael Atoruk, Winona Gooden, Leo Gooden, and Wilbur Atoruk

[Photo courtesy of Frank Gooden]

Bill Schneider: Let's just turn it this way here. Just a second.

Ruth Sandvik: Okay.

Eileen Devinney: All the people are identified on the reverse.

Ruth Sandvik: Oh, really, are they?

Eileen Devinney: Seems to be. There's -- I just noticed there is a lot of handwriting on the back of it.

Bill Schneider: So you think that was a store, huh?

Ruth Sandvik: Yes, it was William Levy's Store, and -- but we always called it Hanson's house. And he was a miner. I -- he was old when I -- when I saw him, and I don't know, they just kind of drifted and died, and then you just never heard too much more about them. They didn't have families.

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