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Ruth Sandvik

Ruth Sandvik: Interview Outline: Section 12

Photo of Tommie Douglas and Harold Gooden Sr. making a mudshark trap

Tape Reference Number: H2002-09-11
Ruth Blankenship-Sandvik talks with Bill Schneider and Eileen Devinney in Kiana, Alaska on February 28, 2002.

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Ruth Sandvik: Yeah. That's a mudshark trap. And he explained how they put trees down, and they put this -- this where the mud -- well, let's see.

Harold Gooden and Tommie Douglas

Harold Gooden Sr. (left) and Tommie Douglas (right) building a mudshark trap

[Photo courtesy of Frank Gooden]

The mudshark, the mudshark are coming -- the mudshark are coming up the river. Are they coming up the river? Yeah, they are coming up the river and they go in and they have -- what do they -- let's see, I'm trying to think. What do they have there? They have -- did he show you the -- that great big scoop - net? Yeah. Anyway they have it so the mudshark can't be -- they have to follow this little chute. And that's fun. I mean, they can get 16 to 100 -- 100 in one scoop. And the liver, have you had the liver?

Eileen Devinney: No. I've never had it.

Ruth Sandvik: It's a delicacy. And it's -- this is Harold Gooden. And it's his grandfather that I was talking about who -- who chased away the demons or whatever they were. On -- and Claudia's grandfather.

Bill Schneider: Oh. Oh.

Eileen Devinney: Claudia Sampson?

Ruth Sandvik: Uh-hum. Uh-hum. So we're related to them.

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