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The geological distribution of chert in the Brooks Range Mull, Charles G. 1995
Geochemical analysis of Brooks Range outcrop samples, Alaska Dow, Wallace G. 1995
Distribution and character of fractures in deformed carbonates of the Lisburne Group, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Hanks, Catherine L. 1995
Geologic map of the Chandalar B-6 quadrangle, southeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Dillon, John T. 1995
Geologic map of the Chandalar C-6 quadrangle, southeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Dillon, John T. 1995
Detachment folds of the northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska : a basis for geometric and kinematic models of detachment folds Homza, Thomas X. 1995
Gravity modeling of the Okpilak batholith, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Petersen, Keri (Carol) A. 1995
The Alaska mineral resource assessment program : background information to accompany geologic and mineral-resource maps of the Killik River 1⁰x3⁰ Quadrangle, northern Alaska Kelley, K. D. 1995
Depositional framework and regional correlation of pre-Carboniferous metacarbonate rocks of the Snowden Mountain area, central Brooks Range, northern Alaska Dumoulin, Julie A. 1994
Evolution of a mid-Paleozoic carbonate ramp in the northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska : the Lisburne Group (carboniferous) along the Aichilik River transect Eckstein, Mary K. 1994
Timing and controls on fold-and-thrust deformation of the Jago stock, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Peapples, Paige R. 1994
The nature of the involvement of lower crust in contractional mountain building, as deduced from metamorphic, structural, argon thermochronometric, and detrital mineral data from the Brooks Range, Alaska Till, Alison B. 1994
Depositional environments of the Lower Triassic Ivishak formation in the northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Harun, Nina. 1994
Stratigraphy and depositional environments of lower Cretaceous strata, western Bathtub Ridge, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Camber, Wendy. 1994
Preliminary bedrock geologic map of the Philip Smith Mountains D-3 quadrangle, Northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Alaska. Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys. 1994
Terrible lizards Campbell, L. J. 1994
Variations in structural geometry across the Continental Divide thrust front, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Anderson, Arlene Verona, 1938- 1994
Bill and Lill Fickus, Brooks Range homesteaders Kaye, Roger, 1950 Dec. 31- 1994
Generalized geologic map of the western Endicott Mountains, central Brooks Range, Alaska Mull, Charles G. 1994
Columnar sections and lithostratigraphic correlation of the Permian Siksikpuk and Echooka formations, northcentral Brooks Range, northern Alaska Adams, Karen E. 1994
Conodont analyses from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, northeast Brooks Range, Alaska 1990-1993 Krumhardt, Andrea P. 1994
Climate, seasonal snow cover and permafrost temperatures in Alaska north of the Brooks Range Zhang, Tingjun. 1993
Stratigraphic variation across a middle Devonian to Mississippian rift-basin margin and implications for subsequent fold and thrust geometry, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Anderson, Arlene Verona, 1938- 1993
Transgressive sedimentation in rift-flank region : deposition of the Endicott group (early Carboniferous), northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska LePain, David L. 1993
Final report : community building sewer and water facilities, Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska Alaska. Village Safe Water Program. 1993


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